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Hekaton Aristeus is the current commander of the Nemean Lions Chapter's 10th Speria (Company).


Hekaton Aristeus, Guardian of the Hunt - Aristeus commands the 10th Speria and is therefore master of the Katakopos. As with his predecessors he is afforded the title of Guardian of the hunt, a prestigious rank within Nemean Culture. Hailing far back into the forgotten past of Caelus there are tales of the Guardians, skilled warriors who could track any prey and tame mighty beasts such as the filament wolves. Aristeus continues this legacy, teaching the neophytes his skills and organising hunts for Chapter gatherings, both at home or on campaign. Aristeus is rarely seen without Horish, his Mytikan Falcon, a fearsome bird of prey and his closest friend. Aristeus has recently crossed the Rubicon Primaris at the request of Alkaios.


Aristeus is adored as a father and feared rightly as a warrior. As Guardian of the Hunt he is an integral part of every neophytes training, who will go on an escorted hunt to the ‘Graveyard of Titans’ which is not only a significant territory of Caelus but one where the Nemean Leonis is dominant and the local tribes avoid. To travel and survive through this land is a challenge all Nemeans endure, and the Guardian of the hunt helps them pass. Aristeus has the respect of all. In the battle he is a shrewd leader, as on the hunt he relies on his careful judgement and instinct grown from experience. His bravery is nothing short of ferocious, roaring at his enemies much as a lion would and stirring his men to a animalistic frenzy.



  • Horis - This Mytikan Falcon accompanies Aristeus into both hunts and battles, enhancing his sight with an overview through an implanted bionic eye linked to his HUD. While Horis avoids the perils of close combat for the most part he has been known to swoop down if he senses that Aristeus may be in peril, rewarding those foolish enough to not wear a helm with a talon to the face or a razor sharp peck to the eye.
  • Power Armour - A suit of Mk X armour, Aristeus’ armour is adorned with the pelt of his first hunt woven into his cloak and a number of braids from the fur of other hunts adorning his belt. He wears a custom helm which bears a strong resemblance to those worn by the Vertus Praetors of the Adeptus Custodes. His power armour is painted green, as the myths tell that the ancient guardians wore cloaks of green.
  • Guardian Blade - A power sabre of unknown origin. The horse head pommel suggests it may have originated with the White Scars.


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