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Sacerdos Dominus Apollyon Tenebris is the current Reclusiarch of the Argent Leviathans Space Marine Chapter.


Apollyon Tenebris is the current Sacerdos Dominus, known for his calmness during prayer and sermon, but also for his brutal ferocity during battle, purging the enemies of the Imperium with his Master Crafted Crozius Arcanum, the Mors Sanctorum. He is often seen giving spiritual advice to all members of the chapter, from the newly initiated Scouts to the Veterans of the First Company.




By Tenebris

"Brothers. We all come from the same place. We come from the design of the Emperor himself. We are all human, yet we are not mere men. We have risen above the capabilities of our species into something better. These Xenos are nothing to us, and when our names are chanted through the Hall of the Abyss, their species will be long forgotten."
— Sacerdos Dominus Appolyon Tenebris giving a speech to the 4th Company prior to assaulting a Tau stronghold

About Tenebris

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