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The Antius Campaign was an Imperial castigation campaign conducted by the Blood of Vulkan Space Marine Chapter against an invading Iron Warriors Chaos Warband that attack an Imperial forge world of Antius.


During the chaos of the 36th Millennium, the Imperium was rife with civil disturbances and internal strife. During one notable incident, the Imperial forge world of Antius was beset by a marauding Chaos Warband comrpised of the notorious Iron Warriors Traitor Legion. The Blood of Vulkan's 1st and 3rd Companies deployed in support of the defence of Antius.

The Blood of Vulkan fought alongside the forge world's Skitarii Legion to defend the forge world. Following the failed initial attack on the main foundry, the Imperial forces managed to push back the encroaching Heretic Astartes forces, making them suffer horrendous casualties due to their relentless artillery bombardment and the forge world's Titan Legion. Over the following three months, the Chaos Warband was defeated and fled into the Eye of Terror.

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