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The Anteus Crusade was a joint-Imperial compliance Crusade carried out by three Scions of Dorn Chapters, which consisted of the Death Templars, Tempest Knights and a detachment from the Holy Hospitallers Chapter to conquer the long-lost, isolate Anteus System.


The Death Templars participated in the Anteus Crusade, which led to the conquest of the Kampala Sector for the Imperium, fighting alongside elements from their fellow Scions of Dorn Successor Chapters, the Tempest Knights and Holy Hospitallers' 2nd Priory. Anteus was a long-isolated star system, only rediscovered by the Imperium in the mid 34th Millennium on the outer fringes of the galaxy. Attempts were made to integrate its worlds into the Imperium, but the system had long been prosperous and independent, and scorned Imperial interference. The first missionaries from the Missionaria Galaxia were slaughtered, but when a second group of Imperial priests came to the system they brought with them the three Scions of Dorn Chapters and brought back the Kampala Sector under Imperial Compliance.

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