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Amet Volupte is the Founder and current leader of the Cult of the 6 Arms, currently, Amet is almost a millennia-old and driven only by the machinations of the Dark Prince and his refusal to die without achieving perfection.

Of all the greatest fighters within the Cult, Amet tops them all utilising the teachings of all of the Arms. Outside of combat, Amet is relatively soft-spoken and is not quick to anger, often meeting with planetary officials to offer them a chance to join the cult before sacking a planet. As a non-astartes, Volupte is not of the highest standing within the Lords of Laeran, however, he still sees himself on equal ground to most of them, with the exception of the original Lords of Laeran.


Born to two powerful nobles within the highest spire of Coroxia Prime, Volupte was raised in absolute luxury. During his younger years, he spent much of his time descending into the lower hive in order to hunt its denizens to improve his combat prowess. After his parents died under mysterious circumstances, Amet became the leader of his noble house and began to develop very close ties with high ranking nobles, including the Planetary Governor himself. After he heard of a man that was preaching of ways to achieve perfection, Volupte had the man taken to him, and thus Volupte became the first Noble of Coroxia Prime to hear the word of the Dark Prince Slaanesh.


Amet Volupte, prior to his corruption by chaos

Powers and Equipment

  • Paragon Claw: A personalised claw fitted onto his left arm, the Paragon Claw is capable of both melee and ranged attacks. The main blade on the claw is lined with a toxic hallucinogenic chemical that will cause severely traumatising visuals to occur before death if someone is not outright killed by it. The Claw is also capable of spraying toxic and acidic chemicals at a surprisingly long range.
  • Sacrificial Blades: Various long knives and scythes that Volupte has attached to his belt, often used for the purpose of mutilation and other sacrificial purposes.
  • Unnatural Attributes: The Dark Prince has gifted Volupte with unnatural speed and strength, allowing him to cut even Adeptus Astartes in twain with his Paragon Claw with ease.
  • Clawed Feet: Due to mutations given to him by Slaanesh, Volupte feet are now very sharp claws, which he often uses to kill quickly in combat.
  • Levitation: Although not as powerful levitation as Qho'shrains, the levitation that Volupte possesses is still very useful in combat.
  • Combat Stimulants: Volupte also uses various mind and physically altering combat drugs in order to enhance his combat prowess even more, these stimulants are often inhaled by Volupte through his half-mask.


By Volupte

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