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The Ambush at Minboe Idull was a lamentable event that occurred on the world of Minboe Indull that involved the a company of the Ebon Knights Space Marine Chapter being ambushed and having their ranks decimated by a larger Night Lords warband. Only a lone survivor remains to tell the tale.


While searching for a rumoured Fallen upon the isolated jungle world of Minboe Indull, a strike force from the Ebon Knights' 6th Company was ambushed during operations against the Night Lords Traitor Legion in the central lowlands of the world of Minboe Idull's primary continent. The only survivor was the mortally wounded Knight-Sergeant Centis, whose remains were later entombed within the armoured sarcophagus of a rare Venerable Castraferrum Pattern Mark IV Dreadnought. He vows to see the menace of the Night Lords eradicated from the galaxy.

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