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The Ambush at Duras was a lamentable campaign that occurred in the wake of the end of the Indomitus Crusade. As the Star Wardens Space Marine Chapter made their way towards the Drukhari city known as Port Khaigara, which had constantly raided the Imperial Cordanian System, the were set upon by a large Black Legion warfleet near the Duras System. The resulting void battle and boarding actions, saw the Star Wardens successfully drive back their Heretic Legionary attackers, but at great personal cost to the Chapter.


Immediately following the end of the Indomitus Crusade Garen was contacted by Lord Commander Aurelian. The Lord Commander was organizing a crusade against a Drukhari city known as Port Khaigara that had been launching raids on the Cordanian System. Aurelian added that there were rumours that the Kabal of Twisted Pain were now based there as well. Commander Garen eager to repay his Oath of Debt and even more eager to destroy the Twisted Pain, and so, ordered his chapter to join the crusade at once. However, along the way they were ambushed by Black Legion forces. The ensuing space battle saw the Star Wardens engaged in brutal ship-to-ship warfare, and vicious boarding actions. The Star Wardens managed to push back the Black Legion forces and launched a daring counterattack, destroying several Black Legion ships from within. However, this victory came at great cost. Their numbers had swollen to beyond 1,400 marines during the Indomitus Crusade, but after the ambush they numbered only 852. Commander Garen solemnly ordered his fleet to continue to push for the Cordanian system, the Khaigara Crusade awaited.

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