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The Aliris Blood Crusade was a joint-Imperial pre-emptive castigation campaign conducted by multiple savage and bellicose Scions of Sanguinius Chapters, including: the Golden Seraphs, Blood Bearers, Children of Seth, Crimson Sentinels and Sanguine Berzerkers Chapters. This mighty Astartes strike force deployed in the defence of the Aliris Sector when it was invaded by a massive Blood Crusade of the Forces of Chaos loyal to the Blood God.


When a massive Blood Crusade, comprised of an exceptionally large and brutal warhost comprised of several World Eaters Warbands and Blood Cultist followers, invades the Hadronian Wall sub-sector of the Aliris Sector, located adjacent to the Cadian Sector, the entire Golden Seraphs Chapter takes up arms against these renegade forces. They are a part of a joint-Imperial Crusade comprised of several bellicose Scions of Sanguinius Chapters, including: the Blood Bearers, Children of Seth, Crimson Sentinels and Sanguine Berzerkers.

Those worlds that had fallen beneath the bloody shadow of the Blood God's followers were reserved the greatest measure of the wrath of the Chapters of The Blood, who granted them no quarter and no mercy. The full role taken by this independent Astartes battlegroup is impossible to collate, nevertheless, the fragmented accounts of the various battles that took place in the Hadronian Wall sub-sector are extant in the scattered records of the era. Some list no more than a Chapter's name and where they were sighted during this conflict, while other records offer a glimpse into the many savage wars fought between both sides, as several independent Imperial strike forces often fought the savage Khorne-worshipping warbands to near-mutual annihilation.

Though this sub-sector was eventually cleared of the foul presence of Chaos, the destruction wrought by those dedicated to the Blood God's service and the Scions of Sanguinius, affected the infrastructure of several of these worlds, some of which are still struggling to rebuild to this day.

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