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A child during The Fall of Mobidium, Alexandros Krakenblade was one of the few civilian survivors that escaped due to PDF and Novus Krakens efforts. It was the chapter that recovered him from the ruined tribe-city Tentakk attempting to defend himself from a Leviathans Eclipse Chaos Space Marine. When the Novus Krakens were forced to flee the planet, he was among the many that were drafted from the surviving populace to test if they were worthy of becoming a neophyte of the chapter. He was quickly accepted to become a full brother-astartes when he completed the trials, showing an exceptional aptitude for melee combat by dueling a veteran of the chapter for more than one minute until his defeat. It wasn't much longer than a standard Terran century until he became an Assault Squad Ledavfå of the 2nd Company's 5th squad, climbing the chapter hierarchy quickly with his skills. He wielded an Eviscerator and Combat Shield during this service, but after the Siege of Sub-Sector Solaritus, he ascended to the wary and almost accursed title of Lord Executioner as Kaptein of the 9th Company. With his faithful combat shield lost during the battle on Gabarlos, Alexandros was gifted a new Eviscerator which bore the teeth of Krakestor. Without hesitation he took up the weapon, yet instead of preferring this new gift, he wields both this weapon and his previous simultaneously in battle.



  • Artificer Bolt Pistols - These two relic bolt pistols have been modified and refined since before the recorded history of the chapter, and pierce through power armor like its bolts were made with krakestor teeth.
  • Bardagamaður - The Eviscerator gifted to him by the chapter upon his ascension to Lord Executioner of the chapter, and given his duty to hunt the traitorous kin of the Novus Krakens. Its teeth are made of krakestor teeth and cuts even the thickest of armor plating.
  • Sendiboði Endanna - The Eviscerator that Alexandros wielded before the loss of his combat shield during the Siege of Sub-Sector Solaritus.
  • Jump Pack - A simple device used to propel Astartes through the air.
  • Power Armor -
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