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Aleksanteri Madetoja is the current Master of the Faith (Reclusiarch) of the stoic and unforgiving Sons of Iron Space Marine Chapter.


The Master of the Faith from the Sons of Iron is relatively young for such a position, with only a little more than 120 years of war in the service of the Emperor. However, his talents as a warrior and speaker, combined with a zeal unrivalled allowed him to quickly become the assistant in chief of the previous Master of the Faith Dozeph Santor and to replace the Medusan when he was felled by the Necron Lord Arankyr the Wanderer during the Purge of Salat XI in 945.M41.

Aleksanteri Madetoja is often seen by his Brothers as the very antithesis of the Master of the Forge from their Chapter : where Stronos only wish to lead back the Sons of Iron to the Iron Hands' traditions, Madetoja is a fervent adept of the Neimerel Creed and is always ready to defend the Chapter organization imposing the separated roles of the Iron Remembrancers and Chaplains.

Still, the greatest particularity of the man nicknamed the Grey Lord, because of his battle armours livery, is this very armour itself, for it is the one and only Terminator armour used by an officer in the Chapter. It is composed of pieces coming from five ancient armours discovered among the remnants of an antic battlefield on the planetoid LV4-35 during his first mission as the Master of the Faith. Those armours had seen all their Chapter's markings erased since a long time by the ionic winds. Since that time the Iron Remembrancers have assembled this armour from those rests, and the impressing figure of the Grey Lord became a source of hope for the inhabitants of the Ultima Segmentum and of woe for enemies of the Imperium, for Aleksanteri Madetoja well intends to purge the of xenos, pirates and other renegades infesting this corner of the Galaxy.

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