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The Alamae Sector is part of the Segmentum Tempestus, and under Imperial control. It is host to many Hive Worlds, a few Agri-Worlds and one Forge World. Its capital is Alclere, and its battlefleet is based at Voulge Dock. It is made up of five Sub-Sectors: Alamae Centrum, Opus Convex, Domicus, Tryst, and Dixean.


The Alamae Sector in Segmentum Tempestus was largely colonised before the Age of Strife, rejoining with Terra during the Great Crusade. Since then, several other worlds in the Sector have been colonised. For much of its history, it has been a relatively safe area of space, and existed within a cul-de-sac of Warp routes. This has also reduced through-traffic however, and has prevented the various worlds within from becoming major economic powers.

In M37 the Opus Convex Sub-Sector was raided by a minor Ork Waaagh, led by the Speed Freak Warboss known as Vroomface. Following a long, frustrating harassment campaign by Battlefleet Alamae, the Orks were eventually goaded into attacking the Hive World of Virgilus, where a strong defending force had been prepared. Waaagh Vroomface was then bled dry against the Hives' walls, and finally routed by the Imperial Navy. Some worlds still host small populations of Feral Orks as proof of the conflict.

The sector is now under major threat for the first time, with the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan sweeping through the Dixean Sub-sector. The worlds of Escalia and Kingshaven fell in circa 090.M42 and 102.M42 respectively. Another attack is due at any time...

Timeline of Notable Events

  • Late M30: Alamae Sector integrated into the Imperium as part of the Great Crusade.
  • Early M36: During the Reign of Blood the Civilised World of Silicae is razed of its atmosphere, later to be recolonised for its mineral wealth. Following the appearance of Sebastian Thor, Kingshaven falls into civil war.
  • M37: Waaagh Vroomface swept into the Oppus Convex, to be decisively defeated on the Hive World Virgilus.
  • 087.M42: The Suppression of Pseudodacia II is won for the Imperium, following the world's rebellion. This event marked the end of a long period of calm for the sector.
  • 090.M42: Escalia is destroyed by Hive Fleet Leviathan.
  • 094-102.M42: Kingshaven reports an attempted coup, leading to war and its eventual destruction by Hive Fleet Leviathan.
  • 109.M42: Genestealer Cults are uncovered on the worlds of Alcere, leading to a major campaign

Notable Worlds

Alamae Centrum


Alclere is a sprawling Hive World orbitted by three Hive Moons, and is the Capital of the Alamae Sector. It is home to several holy sites and is the centre of trade for the Sector. Following the involvement of a Genestealer Cult the Fall of Kingshaven, the Ordo Xenos discovered another on Alclere in 109.M42, sparking a military campaign which is still ongoing.


Duopedes is the Sector's Forge World, and supplies much of the local needs for war machines. Notably, it is the only source of Medusa artillery pieces in the sector, which are always in high demand from the various regiments mustered nearby.


Feldor is a Hive World and is particularly renowned for its high quality armoured regiments. It is one of the wealthier worlds in the sector, and also one of the most urbanised, thoroughly polluting the rest of the world's ash wastes.

Voulge Dock

Voulge Dock is the Sector's main naval base, and home of Battlefleet Alamae. It is a large series of orbital installations around the dead world of Voulge VII. The lifeless system was chosen primarily for its good access to warp routes and central location.

Dixean Sub-Sector


Escalia was a civilised Mountain World of little note. Its primary claim to fame previously was its elite Airborne regiments and a small naval academy for atmospheric pilots. Now it is best known as the first world to have fallen in the Tyranids' incursion into the region, occuring in 090.M42.


Glenmore is an Agri World, one of three in the sector. Notably, aside from its imported high-tech farm machinery, the rest of the world's technology is somewhat poor. Domestic electricity and running water are realities only for the wealthy, and horses are still the most common means of personal transport.


Hajmahn is a civilised Desert World, and is by far the most recent member of the Sector. The world is believed to have been colonised accidentally during the Great Crusade when Imperial Army deserters were abandoned to their fate with no water as a means of execution. It seems they instead survived and founded the society which has only recently been rediscovered.


Kingshaven was a Hive World. It had long been a curiosity for its jungles, which were seemingly immune to the pollution of its cities. Destroyed in 102.M42, it was the site of the second Tyranid invasion of the sector, and a major, though not total defeat.

Opus Convex

Pseudodacia II

Pseudodacia II is a civilised Temperate World. This was the site of a recent rebellion against the Imperium, which was swiftly crushed. It also hosts a Feral Ork population.

Domicus Sub-Sector

Integrum Honoris

Integrum Honoris is the local Feudal World, and exists in a pre-gunpowder state. Despite the apparent enthusiasm of the locals, the planet is held in poor regard by the Administratum, and many suspect it will be deigned upon an Astartes chapter in the near future.


Battlefleet Alamae is a relatively small force in line with the Sector's history as a safe region. The flagship is the Apocalypse class Paladin Tempestus, which also represents the only battleship in the fleet. Aside from this it composes five Grand Cruisers, eight battlecruisers, nineteen cruisers and light cruisers, and some thirty-five escorts. These are generally deployed equally between the five sectors, with a reserve held at Voulge Dock.

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