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Second Captain Akodu, known to his battle-brothers as the 'Blood Snake', is the volatile and savage commander of the 2nd Company of the fierce and merciless Storm Angels Space Marine Chapter.


The Blood Snake earned his nickname thanks to both his propensity to let his thunderous temper get the better of him at the slightest provocation, and the speed at which he is able to strike with his twin power-swords. Akodu is the epitome of a great Storm Angel officer, determinate, bloody handed and yet somewhat noble, and always taking into account the well-being of the Imperial populace. Despite those qualities, is propensity to fit of rages on the battlefield which can make him forget for a time the larger objectives, has marred his reputation.

The 2nd Captain is however well-aware of his shortcomings and it is a testament to his ability to gather Brothers able to compensate them with ease, coupled with his meticulous planning before any campaign or engagement, as much as the constraints of war allow him to plan ahead, which explains why he achieved the rank of Captain in a Chapter which do not brook respect for hot-headed fools. Many a Storm Angel has demonstrated the same talent with the blade than Akodu, but they tend to then focus narrowly on the bluntest and quickest way to slay their foes, which prevent them from rising in the ranks, after all.

Akodu is one of the three Captains to have survived the Rubicon Primaris process, being one of the most outspoken opponents of Koratao's prudence, having witnessed first-hand the incredible abilities of this new breed of transhumans. His newfound abilities have entranced the Blood Snake, but his added responsibilities, which followed the decrease of Brothers still able to fight for the Imperium in those dark times as tempered his soul. Still fearsome and fierce, still prone to losing his head in the fire of war, Akodu has so far managed to check his worst impulses far better than before his rebirth as a Primaris.

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