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Fourth Smith Lord Ahzakha Eseron is the commander of the 4th Company of the stalwart and heroic Dragons Amaranthine Space Marine Chapter. He also serves as the High Bone Smith (Master of Recruits) and is responsible for the selection and training of the next generation of Astartes for the Chapter.


Fourth Smith Lord and High Bone Smith, it is Eseron who is charged with the sacred duty of training and raising the next generation of Dragons for the Chapter. His peerless skill and enlightened comprehension of the healing arts make make him invaluable on the field, but even more precious off it. It is potentially Eseron alone standing between the Dragons and annihilation, for if he cannot maintain and increase the numbers of the Dragons, they will fall into ruin. As a result, when he strides to battle, the chapter will do its utmost to ensure his safety. Warriors of all levels gladly fling themselves in front of incoming bullets, for they know that as long as he lives, their geneseed will live on. In return for their sacrifice, Eseron puts his skills as a field surgeon to the utmost test, restoring marines other apothecaries could have only saved by interring them within a dreadnought.

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