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Aeron Hardhelm is a Veteran Sergeant of the Teeth of the Storm Space Marine Chapter who is currently seconded to the Deathwatch, the elite xenos-hunting Chamber Militant of the Inquisition's Ordo Xenos.


Veteran Sergeant Aeron Hardhelm has served in many fields and under many suns. Over a thousand foes have died by his bolt and blade. Here lies his story.

Early Life

Born on Sanguinala day on 843.M4i, Aeron Hardhelm joined the ranks of the Teeth of the Storm 12 years later, in 855.M41. Serving with distinction among the scouts of Tenth Company for 9 years and amounting 236 confirmed kills in such campaigns as the War for Far Landing and the Cleansing of the Rael-Cassidan Xenohold.

Battle Brother

Following the standard path of training and showing an aptitude for being an assault marine, Aeron entered 3rd Battle Company in 887.M41 and served in 6th assault squad under Sergeant Javon until Javon's fall to the chapter curse, and his induction into a Headtaker squad. After that, Aeron became Sergeant of 6th squad. It was during the Siege of Hive Thorn, serving as a Centurion, that Aeron earned his honorific of Hardhelm.


In 942.M41, Aeron Hardhelm joined a Vanguard Veteran Squad in 1st Company and quickly ascended to Honour Guard of the Chapter Master. After the Battle of Scoanerth, when the rest of command squad were slain, Aeron requested to join the Deathwatch and was accepted as a kill-team leader.


Aeron Hardhelm is generally upbeat, cracking jokes with his teammates and making fun of the foe. Aeron is a master of the Scoanerthi martial arts of Payth de Wyrm (Path of the Wyrm), capable of sending his armoured bulk into spinning kicks that could decapitate a man. Aeron Hardhelm suffers from a form of PTSD after most of the Teeth of the Storm Chapter Command squad were slain during the Battle of Scoanerth. His PTSD manifests in relentlessly inscribing his armour with the mantras of the imperial creed.


  • Chainaxe - A common weapon among the Teeth of the Storm, Hardhelm brought his with him to the deathwatch
  • 2 Frag Grenades
  • 2 Krak Grenades


By Aeron Hardhelm

"These Xenos dare to defile the sanctity of this place. The Emperor commands me to destroy them."
— Aeron Hardhelm, moments before the massacre of Barad-Din

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