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Second Smith Lord Aerchon Ho'Seth is a venerable Leviathan-class Dreadnought of the stalwart and heroic Dragons Amaranthine Space Marine Chapter.


Exactly how the Dragons Amaranthine came into possession of such a relic is unknown, but it is theorised that it was provided to them by the High Lords of Terra during the Nova Terra Interregnum. The powerful Leviathan pattern Dreadnought chassis is armed with a deadly siege drill in one hand and siege claw in the other, both inbuilt with meltaguns. The twin heavy flamers inbuilt to its chassis immolate those foes unworthy of his mighty close combat armaments. However, despite the fiery, destructive nature of the Leviathan chassis, Ho'Seth is one of the most compassionate and honourable marines of the chapter, frequently using his invulnerability and power to wade through even the most harrowing of fire to rescue trapped or hostage civilians, and guard their retreat to imperial lines.

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