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"My honor is my life! And without it I am nothing!"
—Aengius, repeating the old Red Crusader mantra at Sentar

Grail Knight Aengius D'Fife, known by his battle-brothers as simply Aengius, was once First Company Grail Knight and Grand Master of the Red Crusaders Space Marine Chapter. After heavy wounds were inflicted, Aengius became a dreadnought of the Templar company. He was and is famed for his dueling skills (Though not as much as Hector or Crimson were) and leadership, even as a dreadnought able to inspire men from a battlefield away with a yell or a raising of his Daemonhammer, Vindicator. Though once full of pride, by the time of his ascent as Chapter Master it had been banished due to sorrow experienced in previous campaigns. As a dreadnought he has no time for such things. He was known for never taking off his helmet in public, so his soldiers see him not as just Aengius, but as a knight they should aspire to equal. As a dreadnought, he doesn't have much of a choice. But the lasting legacy of this habit makes a impression on his soldiers. Built into one of his machine empowered arms is his trusty Warhammer, the Vindicator, a weapon he has wielded since his mighty campaign to Karuva.

Being chosen for Death Watch as a tactical marine he served in many missions as a squad leader, distinguishing himself with leadership skills and tactics that combined quick strikes with decisive melee. On his return he proved himself by scouring the Orks of Arabyar, hunting Dark Eldar, and other glorious feats until he was first company captain.

Though absent at the third battle of Hattin he was a key figure in the Grand Crusade. He proved himself again in the Karuva system, where he took Vindicator from the dead hands of his White Death enemy. He had another victory against both Orks and White Death Marines at Waganat. At the end of the Grand Crusade he fought at Bubon distinguishing himself for bravery and skill. He has a special hatred for Orks, and a friendly rivalry with Hector and Marchise, as they compete in dueling skills.

Aengius, like Alberic were good friends with Richard and fervently searched for him. He mourned the death of Hector. Then, he became lost in the Sentar system. Along with his great friends Yokim and Marchise they fought a war that seemed to last only ten years, but when the storm abated it was many hundred years later. He was shocked to see all of his friends he left behind were now dead, along with Yokim dying in Sentar.

Together Aengius and Marchise wanted to find new purpose in the chapter as they once more took there place as captains. It speaks to Aengius fame that he and Marchise were permitted audience with the Templars, many of which remembered when these two captains were mere scouts. Whatever was said, it filled Aengius and Marchise with new vigor, and they set off for a new millennium of war. However he did not set off unharmed. The loss felt at outliving his brothers filled with with a deep guilt, and regret. He found purpose. Avenging his fallen brothers against chaos, and at the tragic death of Leont, finally taking the role of Chapter Master, where he was wounded and became a Dreadnought. He was once more filled with sorrow over the death of Marchise, and swore vengeance. The hero of a thousand battles, brave Aengius lionheart is the reason Sanctus was retaken after its terrible loss. He will be forever remembered as the Red Crusaders greatest hero, and now as a mighty dreadnought who seeks still to crush the enemies of his chapter!

Aengius Important Events

  • Pre-Marine and early Career (560.M40) - Aengius lived in the Sanctian city of Fife, and was born to the D'fife family. He showed a aptitude for leadership, and interest in the temple and was selected as a candidate for becoming a Space Marine. These hopes were realized whe he was recruited as a scout around the 40th millennium. He showed great aptitude, though his pride was listed as a detractor from his overall appeal as a leader. He became a tactical marine and served many years. He developed a grudge against Orks when they ambushed his squad on a quick mission to Armageddon. A grudge that would span his whole life. But his true story began as he became captain of the First Company, and his Grail Quest rocketed him to prominence.
  • Deathwatch (Unknown time) - Aengius was recruited for deathwatch due to his great skill in combat. Records of his deathwatch days are mostly classified. What is known is he honed his strategies against the Orks he so hated, and in this time his hate only grew. He was the leader of a squad, and he tried to take as many missions as possible that would put him in systems near that of his friends in the Red Crusaders. His inherent pride made failure unthinkable to him, and thus his squad had a near perfect track record. On his return to his chapter, this was one of the traits he was chosen for First Company Captain for after the previous one died.
  • The End of Jordain (499.M40-500.M40) - First Company Grail Knight Jordain Brigges led a army to deal with a rabid horde of Orks that was decimating the nearby Correlt System. A Ork Waaagh, under the accursed Snagbad was rampaging through it, crushing all in his wake. The brave Jordain took a force of moderate size to stop it, making landfall on the once beautiful world of Harroldia. He had arrived before other Imperial forces, like the Guard had arrived at the system. He conquered some Ork encampments, but as soon as Snagbad heard of the great fights to be had he swooped in to fight the brave Jordain. Jordain tried to employ tactics like steel rain, but his marines were overwhelmed. Before he died he ordered his fleet to retreat to Frankus, and his men to hold the line as long as they could so the Orks wouldn't fight the escaping fleet. He was killed. A month later, Imperial forces of Guard, Sororitas and Space Marines led by none other the Lieutenant Aengius D'Fife arrived and cleaned up the system, lamenting they were to late to save the Grail Knight. This led to Aengius being declared first company Grail Knight.
  • Dfife's GrailQuest (500.M40-505.M40) - Aengius D'Fife, on becoming captain, desired a mighty quest to prove his worth. Gifted the GrailQuest flag, he desired to find more Orks to slay. Arabyar had recently been purified so that was not a option, so he found a nearby world to travel to. Arfion. On this planet, a mud covered rainy wasteland was a army of Rampaging Orks defiling what was left of the temple complexes that had once dotted the globe. Aengius was infuriated and deployed quickly with his strike cruiser Cross-Bearer. He arrived on the world about a year after his departure due to complications with warp travel. With aid from his lieutenants he plotted plans for drop pod strikes over old temples, the largest of course led by him. He was outmatched. His landing was surrounded by Orks and his men couldn't stand against such a hail of bolter fire. But he spotted the warboss and his nob guard, Loht. He charged alone. A mistake. The Warboss and his Nobs attacked Aengius together, and krumped him. He was left in the mud. They thought him dead. His attack failed. The other drops had succeeded, and the marines from them returned to the cruiser to find there commander gone. But he wasn't lost for long. The Orks set up a camp near where Aengius landing had taken place, as they partied slowly looting the bodies. When a Ork looter arrived at Aengius, still lying in the mud he was surprised when the marines hand locked onto his throat. Aengius killed the beast. He slowly stood up and saw the Orks around a fire. He called the ship with a luckily unbroken vox and demanded drops on his position. The Emperors Angels obliged and would soon drop from the sky. He popped his two last grenades and through them into the middle, slaying and startling many Orks. He charged once more, and as he did drop pods arrived. The Orks were caught of guard and demolished, Aengius killing Loht with a sword to the gut. Soon the world was purified and Aengius returned to Sanctus, rewarded with a drink from the Grail, beginning his rise to prominence.
  • Quest for the Hammer (515.M40-516.M40)- Aengius had missed the third battle of Hattin. He was purging a space hulk with a marine force and heard the call late. As soon as he did he returned to Sanctus, where he picked up his fleet, ashamed he had missed such a dire call from his chapter master Jacques. Aengius D'Fife took his fleet across the galaxy to find Chaos Forces. He heard rumors of them in the Karuva sector, a Ork infested realm after Imperial forces there were dismantled. He heard that they had discovered a powerful Daemon Hammer here, and desired its might. Or desired to see it destroyed. He gathered this of course through interrogating a cultist. He sent his fleet to Karuva, carefully avoiding Ork forces unitil he ended up on Karuva Prime. He met the White Death doing a survey of a mountain in which they must have believed the hammer was. Scouts reported it was hidden in a shrine on the peak and that the White Death was nearing it, and it was a blessing they had not found it. Aengius engaged the armies of the White Death all around the mountains while his ships attacked the enemies. He himself went to the shrine and drew the Hammer from the stone it was placed in. It crackled with power, and he deemed it Vindictor. It was one of the first victories of the Grand Crusade, and one of the most important to Aengius.
  • Aengius at Waganat (520.M40) - Aengius and his fleet came across the Ork-infested Waganat when he chased some of the White Death to it. The ruins of a city was choked amongst the green rivers and forests of Waganat, and in one of the more hidden of these the White Death were conducting a ritual. Landing on the other side of the city, the brave Aengiusu marched his men down its streets and fought a skirmish against the traitors. His victory caused them to retreat, but his advance was halted when Orks burst from the nearby buildings. Fighting them off he rushed to the White Deaths center. They were under attack by Orks on the other side, green beasts tearing through cultist and marines. He ordered his men to open fire on both sides. Chaos Marines turned to see where Bolts of salvation where coming from only to be gunned down in turn. Aengius and his assault marines boldly charged into the center where the Chaos Space Marine leader dueled that of the Orks. With his hammer her slew both. With this victory both enemies were slaughtered, but the marine strike force was depleted. With no hope of conquering all of Waganat without wasting forces that should be used hunting for the white death, they returned to the ship victorious, and flew off to a new battle.
  • Aengius Failure (532.M40) - Aengius heard his friend Marchise call for aid. His ship rocketed away, but on his way to the system was stopped by a urgent destress call. A large series of mining asteroids was being raided by Dark Eldar. And as he passed he saw the Dark Eldar Ship. He bombarded it, his battle barge wrecking it. however it slipped out of his grasp. He chased it further with a vengeance, until he got another call that the asteroids were under attack. When he returned it was to late. While he was distracted, Dark Eldar had raided the Asteroids and taken its workers as slaves, and the ship he had been chasing escaped into the webway. Aengius had failed both the station, and out of time to aid Marchise he had failed his friend.
  • The Siege of Bubon (540.M40-560.M40) - A mighty fleet of every company save the tenth and the third assembled in the skies of the Cadian sector. After tests Richard was deemed in good enough condition, and him and Aengius would lead the charge. When the time came they all blasted through the Cadian gate and into the eye of Terror, brave, yet risking a majority of there chapter if it did not go well. On entering the eye of Terror Aengius hammer began to act strangely, having sporadic boosts of power. They arrived at Bubon, the Grail Knights gathering aboard the battle barge the Lionheart. The chaos fleet assembled to stop there approach and a mighty battle was done in orbit, continuing to fight even as men prepared to marshal below. In the planet below the White Death were reaching a apex of there ritual. There was a citadel on this planet, and in the middle of the citadel was a garden, giant in scope where the white death conducted a ritual using the accursed horn of Hattin. It was protected from deep strikes by a mighty orbital shield. Led by Hector and Alberic the forces of the Red Crusaders landed at the gate and faced a white death army in front of it. Aengius was with them with his terminators, slightly disgruntled he had not been chosen to lead the force. All the same, he rallied the men with all his vigor, calling them to serve and proving his leadership expertise, though the other captains had more prominent roles. His hammer continued having bursts of power, its power increasing due to warp proximity. As this battle raged Jacques took a covert squad throughout the citadel to find Riechtor. This squad made it to one of the towers were they found the controls for the shield, and deactivated it. They then leapt from the tower to engage Riechtor, as Hector's forces broke the gates and more crusaders dropped from the sky. The full force was now assembled in the garden. As Marchise Crimson dueled the champions of chaos, Jacques ran toward Riechtor. But he was to late to stop the first part of the Rituals Apex. With a smile Riechtor blew the horn for the first time and every marine who still lived from either side turned to face the direction of which the noise came, for even those chaotic traitors had no idea of what would happen. The Dead and the Dying of both sides were raised as unholy chaotic zombies to fight the Red Crusaders. Space Marines armor began to rot due to the horns overpowering presence of Nurgle. And worse of all, Riechtor became a Daemon prince. As Jacques was stunned, bravely Alberic charged the Daemon prince only to be swatted with a sword across the battlefield. Jacques was enraged and engaged the beast, and he was not alone as Dreanought lord Krasus attack the beast as well. Together they fought this dark evil, and began to win. But only one of these two legendary warriors would live. A lucky rocket blast hit Krasus in the leg, his dreadnought falling to the ground...only to be impaled by the twisted blade of the dying Riechtor. Filled with holy vengeance Jacques jumped into the air and decapitated the Daemon Prince, who let loose a mighty scream of pain. As it died, Jacques passed out from pain. Hector and a squad of marines rushed to him, and carried him away from the fight. But marines still fought on within the garden. The Red Crusaders had been losing as armor rotted but at the death of the Prince the rot began to slow. Every marine was wounded but were filled with Vigor as they saw the death of Krasus, most famous of dreadnoughts. Aengius himself was almost dead, but with a mighty roar he charged the Chaos forces still. As they began to carve the rest of the White Death to pieces a dying Chaos Sorceror crawled towards the horn and blew it, completing the ritual. The horn had the power to create a warp storm anywhere. And he chose above the world. But as it was the eye of terror it simply opened a massive entrance in the sky to another warp storm. He laughed as he died. What was left of the fleet retreated into this escape rout. The Red Crusaders were forced to leave the planet as it was being torn asunder, cracking apart as gaping maws appeared in the worlds flesh. They did there best to leave no brother behind but some did not make it into orbit. Once all were gathered back on there ships, the captains noticed the absence of Richard. He had taken a small ship into the vortex, vowing to hunt the Daemons forever more. Richard ignored calls from Aengius to come back, as Aengius had greatly valued Richard as a ally who he shared many traits with. They had lost a captain and a chapter master. Little did they know Jacques had been saved and put into a dreadnought, to take the place of the slain Krasus. They returned home to Sanctus to find a new grandmaster in victory tinged with sorrow. They returned to see much more time had passed outside the warp then in, but thankfully Sanctus and its subsector was still stable. Aside from the fact Orks gathered once more in Arabyar.
  • End of the Era (560.M40) - At Sanctus a mass funeral was held for the dead, including Jacques. The bodies were ceremoniously burned after readings from the Scriptures, a traditional honorable way to respect the dead...and a way to ensure any possible chaos corruption was gone. Then, the matter of elections was held. The Grail Knights gathered in the shrine of the Hammer. They competed to draw the Warhammer Excalion from its shrine, to prove themselves with a worthy heart, and worthy as Chapter Master. Aengius was confidant and looked forward to wielding two hammers. But he failed. No matter how hard he tried, Aengius could not fight his pride enough. His heart was simply not pure enough. The second captain attempted it, and failed. But then third captain Alberic Dragonsoul came to the shrine, humbled. And he drew it. Though this made many other captains mad, they excepted it with honor. They kneeled to the new Grandmaster, Alberic.
  • Return to Waganat (562.M40-565.M40 - Aengius remembered the planet Waganat which he had been to a while ago. He remembered how Ork infested it was, and how its rivers ran green. He went to his ally Marchise Crimson and there companies together ventured back to Waganat. Scouting parties reported Orks giant in size, gargantuan hulking green beasts. They gathered in the ruins of a Imperial city. Marchise made landfall near one of the green rivers. Aengius ordered orbital bombardment of the Ork capitol, then dropped his men down to clear it out. Marchise and Aengius were hesitant to use Exterminatus as the world could prove useful. After fighting through a forest Aengius found a enclave of Guardsmen who had survived, the Waganat 4. He ordered what was left to man Marchise foothold, the rebuilt fortress of Hamdock. Aengius and Marchise patrolled the city in search for the leader of the Orks. This led to the battle of Speedakka road. Marine bikes drove through the ruined streets of the city, which the Orks saw as a challenge. Ork bikes and machines driven by the wildest of speed freeks engaged the Space Marine Forces in the street they deemed Speedakka, there favorite racing pit. Marchise and Aengius were both on bikes as well, and led there men in this fight. They raced through the streets while shooting rounds at each other, Aengius attacking from his bike with his mighty hammer. This battle exited the Orks as more heard about it. More Orks kept piling in the marines were very outnumbered and Orks made up for being out geared with hordes of machines. The marines were backed into a alleyway and the Orks zoomed in, only to be stopped by a building collapsing in front of them, and many smashed there bikes into it. Scouts had rigged it to explode. The marines seized the advantage and carved through the stunned Orks with bolters and fury. They found Warboss Wagnut running a race in a devastated city, now a perfect racing course. They ambushing the Orks, and a sniper shot Wagnut off of his vehicle, where the other Orks ran him over. They continued this process until the last Orks saw what was happening, then they engaged with assault marines. It was a victory. Over the next few weeks they retook the planet completely.
  • The Sentar War (600.M40-610.M40) - The first second and ninth companies, of Captain Browden, Captain D'fife and Captain Crimson respectively, were fighting in the Sentar system, a system under heavy attack by chaos and that had suspicions of White Death Presence. These captains hated the White Death more then any other and ventured there. It was a trap. As soon as they entered they were surrounded by chaos forces and forced to dock there ships in what was left of mountainous imperial base hidden on Sentar Prime. Then the warp storm struck. The system was completely surrounded. For what felt like 10 years, but what was truly hundreds, leading to 899.M41 these famous captains were lost to the chapter. Yokim repaired the base to the best of his ability while Aengius came up with strategies. Suddenly a force of Death Guard arrived at the gates. Using beacons placed earlier they were able to use the Steel Rain tactic, and Marchise and his marines landed to attack them. They won with few casualties. But alone out here, casualties cannot be replenished. Yokim came across gene seeds in the inner vaults. He suggested they use it, even though it is untested. Aengius denied this. It could be chaos corrupter for all they know. They did however make a decision to secure Sentar Prime. It was a mountainous ice world but some cults hid beneath the ice. Underground expeditions were sent led by Marchise into the caverns. He slew many cultists underneath the ice. Meanwhile Yokim used his technological expertise to help fix up the ships and prepare the fleet for relaunch, albiet not completely fixed. When chaotic forces of the World Eaters appeared in orbit after hearing news of the cultists destruction, they were met with the mostly repaired Red Crusader fleet. The Red Crusaders won. Aengius, while in orbit formulated a new plan to take Sentar Secundus was controlled by the World Eaters. In fact, Sentar was in the middle of a battle between chaos forces. He sent Marchise to secure Sentar Tershius from the Thousand Sons. Aengius waited until Sentar Secondus was under attack by more chaotic forces for his to strike. With a few quick strikes he dismantled resistance. However, at the aftermath of the chaotic battle of Red Mountain a majority of his forces were slain. Meanwhile Marchise could not make it to Sentar Tershius, a naval battle between the Death Guard and Thousand Sons forcing him to retreat. But none met fates as dire as Yokim. The fortress was attacked and he led its defense. A quick alliance of the Chaotic factions attacked it from secret passages in the icy depths beneath it. A lucky missile hit Yokim's rhino as it traversed the icy halls beneath the forces. He was recovered, but died shortly after of grievous wounds. The battle was won by his vengeful men but Yokim was lost. Aengius and Marchise were crushed when they heard this news on returning to the newly deemed Fort Yokim. Realizing they had not the brothers to keep Sentar Secondus the fleet bombarded it until little life was left. Meanwhile Thousand Sons and Death Guard clashed still. While the Death Guard of Sentar Quarto held a terrible siege on Sentar Tershius. The Red Crusader's took advantage while all remaining marines attacked Sentar Quarto when its masters were away. They won, and bombarded the world the same as Sectar Secondus. Finally they came to Tershius. With a enemy fleet they could not commence Exterminatus yet, and thus had to fight it out on land. The Death Guard tried to pull back on hearing of there worlds fall, but did not expect the enemy to await them in orbit, and the escaping Chaos Marines were slain. After a devastating assault from space and land the final chaos marines were slain. The final assault was won. The remaining marines were few and returned to Fort Yokim. A few weeks later, the storm opened. They expected to be greeted by the year 610. It was far different.
  • The Champions Return (899.M41) - What was left of the old companies of Captain Marchise Crimson, Aengius and Yokim Browden returned from Centar this year after a warp storm kept them away so long. Never losing hope the Red Crusaders had not deemed new captains, simply Regents that controlled the companies while these famous men were away. On hearing the sad tale of Yokim's death regent Turallion became the second company Grail Knight. Aengius, Marchise and there marines were shocked to know everyone they knew was dead...yet the war carried on. They took there place as leaders of companies full of men that had never known them side by side with men that had been with them at Sentar. They were greeted by Louen, the chapter master. They were both sad to see Alberic was long gone. The two captains went together to seek advice from the Templar's as to there new place in the chapter and in the galaxy. It is unknown what transpired but when they returned it was with fresh vigor. A fresh conviction. They would avenge there fallen brothers by wiping the galaxy clean of traitors until they died. It was at this point Aengius had his final victory over pride. His sorrow that his friends, his brothers were led to a much more reserved Aengius.
  • Warpflower Campaign (924.M41) - A ship called the Warpflower that was flying near Aengius ship over a desert world, Fonda mysteriously went down. Aengius and some tactical marines dropped down to the ship to investigate. Death Guard were inside the ship, having somehow infiltrated it during warp travel and crashing it. Aengius despised Death Guard more then any other. Not only were they of the same god of the White Death, but they helped kill his friend Yokim. Aengius slowly retreated from the ship as it was infested. On exiting the ships sandy ruins, he called down more marines. They then went through a breach created from the crash and secured that part of the ship. One hall at a time they secured more and more of the ship. They fought multiple battles and skirmishes within the ship against the warp guard. It ended with a battle on the Warpflower's bridge. Aengius, who had been silent the whole fight gave a loud, mourning yell as he charged the Death Guard's leader, Hallot. He was infused with fury, summoning memories of his fallen brothers due to the curse that was Nurgle. The plague lord had no chance. He was smashed to a pulp against the control panel by the Vindicator. After defeating the Nurglites within the ship and taking the original cargo it was transporting, precious supplies for Terra, Aengius ordered a bombardment of the ruins of the ship. It was to far gone to Nurgles rot to ever be fixed, thus it must be purified.
  • Aengius Ascent (960.M41-962.M41) The ceremonies to determine a new chapter master were invoked after Louen died at the betrayal at Antiok. And at long last, Aengius won. On Sanctus he proved his might and drew the hammer Excalion, finally worthy after banishing his pride. He excepted this role much more humbly then his younger self would have. He was even slightly frightened by the great responsibilty. He was full of rage at the traitors who killed Leont, and led a force along with his friend Marchise to crush them. Marchise and Aengius arrived in space above Antiok. As soon as the marines arrived the cowardly traitors tried to pull the same trick they did before, the governor telling Aengius and Marchise the Grandmaster was killed in a unfortunate ambush the brave guardsmen put down. But Aengius and Marchise did not have it, Marchise decapitating the traitor right there. This put the traitor forces into disarray. They were rallied together by a chaos sorcerer, Tratix, who had controlled the planets fall from the start. And thus, battle began. Marines attacked the chaotic citadel at the planets center, a dark spire penetrating the clouds. They breached it while launching simultaneous attacks at the guards bases, smashing them with superior force. Soon the spire fell, when Aengius smashed the chaotic sorceror to a pulp with his new hammer. With Vindicator and Excalion, he was near unstoppable. The only man in the chapter still able to rival him would be Marchise, as Marchise knew his fighting style in and out. They returned to Sanctus victorious, avenging Leont. He was emboldened by campaigning with his old friend Marchise, and searched for new targets as soon as he arrived home.
  • Disaster at The Blood Star (970.M41-975.M41) - Marchise Crimson and Aengius D'fife both ventured out on a vital campaign. There was a system known for The Blood Star. Its sun was blood red and shone a dark light across the system, known to awaken rage and bloodlust into those it touched. A giant khornate invasion struck Imperial settlements in the system, and it was a system full of vital resources such as vast orbital mining rigs. Its loss could hurt the supply flow to Sanctus. Aengius and Marchise were entrusted to securing it, along with Guardsmen who would handle the grind of the siege of the worlds of the system. Marchise was exited, he hated Khornate foes more then any other. With a sizeable force they set out. Aengius, as a courtesy put Marchise in charge of the campaign. But he noticed some changed. Marchise had been growing more rash and aggressive since the Red War, and it began to show in his campaign. He led frequent aggressive assaults, some quite foolhardy. Most victorious, but at to great a cost of Space Marine lives. Aengius approached him as a friend and tried to talk to him about his strategy. Marchise rebuked him, and led his next attack. The battle of the Blood Field. A giant khornate horde was gathering in a field, on the planet Veks and Marchise attacked it with a large amount of men. It was a slaughter on both ends. Marchise men won, but very few were left. Strategically, a complete failure. Aengius confronted him once more, relieving him of his duties leading the campaign. The two friends argued. A very rare occurrence. Aengius found a chance to redeem the campaign. The last of the Khornates gathered en masse, and a decisive blow could take them out. Drop Pods descended, backing up Imperial Guard. The battle was turning in the marines favor quickly. Until a great tragedy struck. As the battle raged harder and harder and blood began to boil, more and more atrocious things committed by the Khornates, Marchise snapped, beastmaker taking its toll. As he led his squad deep into enemy territory, he lost his ability to distinguish between friend and foe and lashed out at his own men, his great skills taking out his squad. Aengius was horrified, but had seen it coming, and knew he was the only marine there who could take down Marchise. He approached him with hammers in hand, and the formers friends clashed. Aengius was filled with great sorrow that that cursed Khorne blade had damaged his friend so. The battle was terrible and brutal, and anything but quick. It neared its end, Aengius was severely wounded, unable to take on Marchise who had been empowered with rage in comparison to Aengius sorrow. As Marchise came to behead him Aengius blocked the blow with his power armored wrist, which stopped Marchise in his tracks. Aengius was wearing the gauntlet of Yokim. Seeing this Marchise was horrified, starting to realize his deeds. Aengius took advantage of this. With Exalion he smashed Marchise leg to bring him to his knees, and with Vindicator he tore into the site of Marchise face, turning it to nothing but gore. Aengius fell to his knees as Marchise collapsed to the floor. He had killed his last friend, and was very wounded. The battle was won by Red Crusaders, and soon the war. Aengius returned to leading the chapter with many new scars. But none knew of Marchise betrayal, for Aengius was unable to damage Marchise memory like that. He took the fall for the campaign and Marchise poor strategies, saying Marchise died in glorious combat. Only Morganus and Mortigar could see through the lie.
  • Fall of Sanctus (980.M41-982.M41) - Sanctus fell under attack once more. Bad luck compounded on the Red Crusaders, first the Blood Star War and now this. Out from the warp, vast chaos hordes arrived. A terrible siege began in the Sanctus system, made up of fragments of defeated enemies and new foes, led under a Word Bearer named Sahlath.. This unholy horde of Khornate warriors, Nurglish beasts and more descended onto the spires of Sanctus. The Red Crusaders, Guardsmen and Sisters bravely stood against the horde and secured the rest of the Sanctus system, blockading Sanctus to stop foes from spreading. They however failed to save Sanctus. Chapter master Aengius D'Fife lost contact with the rest of the chapter, as he was in the fortress monastery when its communication went dark. As more and more forays from the Red Crusaders who had blockaded Sanctus failed they began to lose hope. They then recieved a broadcast. Sahlath spoke to all who received it, and revealed a secret. He was of the white death, and the last of the white death was there, at Sanctus. The Red Crusaders were infuriated, but could not stop being pushed back to Arabyar and Cyprus. The guard from Chevalair and those of Arabyar worked together to house the forces at Arabyar. Meanwhile at Sanctus almost all had fallen, except for one place that still held out. The beacon of justice was the Second Temple, taking in refugees, led by a vengeful Aengius D'Fife.
  • The Sixth Red Crusade (983.M41-989.M41) - Command of the Red Crusaders chapter fell to Morganus and the first company Grail Knight, Vallius, as Aengius was gone. They rallied there men, and prepared to send a transmission to call every force they could to help them. Many companies were expended elsewhere and that was one of the reasons that Sanctus fell. But before the marines could send the transmission, a hero arrived. From the warp, someone came who had been chasing the White Death for ages, barely aging in the warp. Richard Leonhart. His arrival was seen as a miracle as the small ship he flew off on at Bubon arrived at Arabyar. Arabyar had become the main base, as Cyprus was under constant assault. He boldly took control of the Chapter and worked with the sisters and guards to plan. Shortly after his arrival the transmission was sent, announcing the return of the mighty hero. None showed more zeal then him, a slightly insane look in his eyes showed his eagerness to slay the White Death, and his holy fury for retaking Sanctus. The Chaos hordes failed to take more worlds, and then reinforcements arrived. The rest of the Red Crusaders, and even Cadians arrived at Arabyar to rally to the cause. Meanwhile on Sanctus Aengius fight got even deadlier. Only one transmission from him made it out to Arabyar. Chaos gathered at a old volcano in Sanctus, and where beginning some dark ritual. The fortress monastery continued to house all the people it could and new refugees arrived every day. Richard declared the time to strike had arrived, and the holy host soon arrived, first to the capitol city Imperatem to relieve the monastery of its siege. Hundreds of sisters, guardsmen and marines landed on the surprised chaos forces, Death Guard led by a white death marine named Vorgutton. The sisters leader, Romuva Urol slew him by disintegrating his body by fire. With Imperatem retaken they were free to plan the retaking of the planet. Guard pushed all directions along with the sisters while the marines turned their attention to the volcano, the ancient Magna. The white death were conducting a ritual to burn the whole world to ash in chaotic fire. Aengius and Richard, united at last after such a long parting fought side by side. A massive mechanical complex was built a little over the volcanoes raging fire, connected by one main bridge. Red Crusaders stormed it, embers jumping off there armor as they charged with holy fury, smashing chaos beasts into the flames below and halting the ritual. The last of the white death arrived. Sahlath and a guard of 10 men. Aengius and Richard charged them, but they were hardened veterans of war. Chaotic beasts rose from the fire and the battle began to turn in chaos favor. At last, Richard met his end. Sahlath, with a gleeful smile slit open his cut with a curved blade. Aengius let loose a mighty roar, rare for him, and attacked Sahlath and his remaining men with the full force of the twin hammers. He knocked down Sahlath over the edge of the platform, the bodies of Sahlaths guards bleeding out around that of Richard. When Aengius saw them he was once more filled with rage, and held Sahlaths head into the fire. He took Sahlath out on the verge of death, held him up, and sliced his gut open with the spiked back of Vindicator with a stoic face shimmering with pure rage, before he threw the marine screaming into the fire. The last White Death Marine. He bent to hold the body of Richard, his old friend. He finally met him once more, only for Richard to die right before his duty was completed. He saw his men begin to fail against the chaos beasts. He raised his voice, and yelled they all leave the platform, promising none would become shamed. Retreat was a great dishonor, but greater was disobeying the chapter master. They fell back, the chaos beasts unable to stop them. Aengius has sustained many wounds, and the whole chaos horde turned to him as he stood in the center of the platforms. Summoning the last of his strength, he brought down his hammers with a prayer on his lips, the body of Richard behind him. They fell apart under the mighty blows. Hordes of chaos descended into the fires where their gods would not protect them, and as did Aengius. The legendary hero of a thousand battles, now was the eve of his death. On the eve of the salvation of his home. After a few more days of battle, Sanctus was freed. Celebrations were held, especially in Fife. And then a more covert mission took place. Men in special suits descended into the volcano, vainly hoping for some kind of piece of Aengius, and they found more then that. Aengius and Richards bodies, complete with relics, laid undamaged by the fire. Aengius showed signs of life, surely blessed by the Emperor. They were recovered. But Aengius was near death, his limbs damaged beyond repair. And so he joined the Templars. His battered body was entombed, and he once more would serve under Jacques...but now without Marchise and Browden. He had gone far since his first days as a wide eyed scout. Richard was displayed in a glass casket, the symbol of the Red Crusaders over his chest, his preserved body there for all to see. He had finally returned, and now rested with saints in the second temple. A new chapter master had to be elected. Who some called the perfect knight, third company Grail Knight Galahad drew the hammer from the shrine. He would lead the Red Crusaders through this new era, a era without legends like Aengius or Marchise. Into the terrors of the next millennium.
  • The Hero of Sentar (1.M42-5.M42) - Dreadnought Aengius Mcfife was sent to Sentar under captain Victor of the 5th company. Sentar Quarto needed aid. Its forest where infested with Orks and the Guard failed to pacify them. Thus, they called the Red Crusaders. Before setting off to Quarto, they stopped at fort Yokim. Aengius paid respects to the stature of Yokim. To others it simply looked like the dreadnought was standing in front of the statue, but Aengius was deep in thought. As he walked away from the statue, Cadia fell and the great rift cracked the sky. The base went into a uproar of activity, nobody fully understanding what happened. Daemons began materializing around the base, some taking out many guardsmen before being slain. Aengius alone knew what had happened. He knew of Turallions mission. He informed the others of this in a meeting between him and Victor, the governor and the guard commanders. Chaos had won the thirteenth black crusade. Captain Victor reminded the council that Quarto still needed aid. All were hesitant to aid it. So Victor declared he would, leaving Aengius in charge of the garrison at Sentar Prime. The council agreed, and Victor sped off to the forest. He landed in a clearing between the trees with about half the company. He was quickly ambushed by Orks. After beating it off he fought through the woods to find the guards hidden base. He found them holding off seemingly endless streams of greenskins. He roared a battle cry and fought until he reached the beleaguered guards lines, helping them hold it until guard reinforcements arrived. He declared he would infiltrate the Ork base and slay the leader. He snuck into it with five marines and saw a strange sight. Orks dancing around skulls for fun, celebrating recent victories. Victor figured out what could happen, told his men to stand back, drew his sword and brashly rushed into the middle of the Orks to stop them before they accidently summoned Daemons. He slew a few, but a rocket knocked him to his feet. No longer content to stay back his men rushed into help him, after making a call for reinforcements. After a few minutes it was just Victor and two marines, Renald and Fredriq. Then, the Emperors Angels arrived and drop pods fell from the sky to aid them. Soon the main Ork base was purged, now all that remained was hunting down Orks who had missed the party. Meanwhile Daemons arrived in greater and greater hordes which Aengius slew with great zeal. A great unclean one appeared at the gates, a horrifying daemon made of fecal matter held together by rotting skin. Aengius engaged it, leading on his men like in his glory days. He won, but was severely damaged. He returned to the ship to be repaired as Guardsmen scrambled to use the time they had to prepare for further assaults.
  • Return of the Sentar Heroes, and the Junut War (93.M42 - 97.M42) - As soon as the Astronomicon began flickering back into the darkness that was space the Red Crusaders stationed in the Sentar system wanted to go home. Sentar had been protected to a level that leaving it could be done without jeopardizing its defense, the Guard would be able to take it from there. Thus, with Aengius D'Fife in tow they ventured to Sanctus. As they went through the warp, they met a warp travelling chaos marine vessel. They intercepted it, ambushing it and blasting it in the side. It was a vessel of the Emperor's Children. The chaos vessel didn't want to try void combat and quickly set up boarding actions with the Red Crusaders. Thus the two sides collided in the Red Crusader vessel, and the Red Crusaders bravely drove off the chaotic scum that assaulted them. The Red Crusaders were pushed back by the enemies zealous assaults, and this continued with them getting beaten in their own ships. When Aengius awoke the tide began to turn as the dreadnought brutally tore apart his foes with deadly fury. They pushed the children back to their ship, and when the children tried to retreat the sustained fire from the Red Crusader vessel destroyed their ship. With that, the Red Crusaders returned to Sanctus bearing even heavier casualties. And when they returned, they were greeted by something they had never seen before. Primaris Marines. Aengius Mcfife was the most interested. Another generation of warriors had arisen in his absence, much like as had before. And this generation did not grow up in Sanctus, did not know its traditions and practices. This generation needed teachers. And Aengius, in one of the few moments his dreadnought spoke asked to take a force of Primaris Marines to Junut, a planet he learned was besieged in the Sanctus Sector. His allies agreed, and so he set ofof with the Primaris marrines along with a command group. Junut was a oceanic forest world, and fighting was rough. The Red Crusaders were fighting armies of orks arranged in the masses. They brought them out to a plain, Grendagraz plain, and engaged most of the Ork forces there, dragging them out one at a time. As he had mostly left them alone for strategic decisions he was impressed by their ideas and skill. But, it didn't work. Eventually the orks caught on to a huge fight being held and all came at the beleaguered host at once. Aengius had fought on Junut during this war before, but he had not yet arrived on the plain, and not with his squad. Now he did. He and two other dreadnoughts dropped into the field, and quickly turned the battle in the Red Crusaders favor. They carved through Orks, even finding and killing the leader and his best mob of nobz. The Orks began to break, only to be shot down from behind by the unwavering fire of the Red Crusaders. Soon, Junut was won. Not many battles had to take place after this one with how decisive it was. They returned home to Sanctus in glory once more.
  • The End of the War (110.M42-113.M42) The great war in Korivin was drawing to a close as with a few decisive battles and wars. Now as the time for the full power of the emperor to descend on the fallen world Riga, they had to save it from the Word Bearers. Then, they would have won the war for the system. Turallion engaged the last of the Ork freebooter fleet above Hopeshield, at the end of the epic battle in orbit the last of the ork tribes in the system had been extinguished by the great hand of Turallion. In fact, the strength of Turallion was starting to become more and more noted, some declaring that he would be the next Aengius, a phrase that Aengius found quite funny when he was told. Aengius had been their during the campaign, merely steering it in the right direction and sometimes taking part in battles, sometimes being a battle all on his own and destroying small armies by himself. He planned with Turallion the best way to attack Riga. As they prepared the siege, a new word bearer ship came out of orbit. Reinforcements. The Imperial forces failed to break it and it landed on Riga, deploying more chaotic forces. Turallion, not wanting to wait any longer for what would surely be a day long remembered in the history of the Korivin conflict told the guard it was time for them to deploy. Backed up by the finest sisters of hopeshield they did so, descended and landed to fight the chaotic forces in the streets, hab blocks and fields of Riga. As they battled the Space marine began orbital assaults on area of no importance. Armies of heretics collided with those of the guard, but the heretics had something the guard didn't at the moment, and that is space marines. The guard forces were forced to retreat, the sisters holding the line alone. This was not as planned. What's worse, a chaos commander was singled out as being the strongest of the enemy forces, crushing them with a huge mace. And that his skills in battle were matched only by his strategic acumen. The red crusaders decided that it was at long last time for them to deploy. They came to support the retreating guard while some deployed to where they believed the word bearers were gathering in their greatest numbers, after softening it up with orbital missiles. The fighting was brutal, but the Red Crusaders had prepared for it. They slaughtered the word bearers, only small doubt in their minds for why besieging the world had been so easy. no chaotic navy forces had engaged them above. They would soon learn the true purpose of the war. The dark machinations of the man formerly known as Galahad. The monster of a marine who the guards had feared arrived at where the Red Crusaders engaged the word bearers, led bravely by Turallion and Mortigar. He single handedly began turning the battle, bashing his way towards Turallion. Turallion saw him, and quickly recognized him. He figured he could beat him, and charged the formerly perfect knight. This pleased Galahad. Turallion was on the floor, his armor crushed in by a mace within seconds. Turallion did one last desperate swipe up, slicing through the face of the helmet of the chaos lord. Turallion was shocked to see the twisted and scared face of Galahad. It was the last thing he saw. A roar broke through the word bearers as they victoriously saw Turallion die, the mace lodged into his once proud helmet. Mortigar and perciville were shocked. Then Aengius arrived. He had been fighting with the guard to cover their retreat though he found it dishonorable, but had deemed this now needed his help more then them. Like a comet his landing caused a thick dust to spread. Under this dust the Red Crusader's began to regroup as Aengius protected them, backing up to a ruined hab block at their backs. With Aengius in front, they held out as long as they could until the word bearers simply stopped coming. There were very few left. Meanwhie those that had deployed elsewhere were mostly fine. And thus was the battle of Hive City Lutan. the Red Crusader's, having saved the guard left the world. Mprtigar and Perciville declared that they would try again soon, and would stay in the system. However the first Korivin Conflict was...unsure. The word bearers held on to Riga, but the other worlds were secure. Aengius went to take repairs as he had taken damage during the fight, and the once proud and mighty Turallion was dead, killed near easily by a man that they did not know had once been their master. Much mourning was had for Turallion.. They sent a small ship to Sanctus to tell of this news, and that they would stay at Korivin until they had won Riga. Mortigar swore it by the memory of Turallion, as did Perciville, as did Aengius. By the Emperor it would be done.
  • Godfrey's Crusade (145.M42-147.M42) - Godfrey was fresh off Lorderos. But, the young captain desired more. He desired to gain respect and renown through his chapter, and become a hero as of old. And so he went to Sanctus, and rallied men for a war. The Seventh Crusade raged on, and he declared he would go to a important system on the border of Sanctus, a system under attack from chaos and orks. Many brave crusaders answered the call. They would go to the Verros system, and free it. At the same time they set off, Vastor prepared for his own, even greater crusade, But Godfrey had dedicated himself to his own. Godfrey set off with a little over a company, and a hero in tow. Aengius had been interested in the young Grail-Knight and his quest and boarded the ship with him. They flew through space, Godfrey breifing the men on the mission. Verros was the first colonies in the Sanctus Sector, and while they never developed as much as places like Sanctus they are the arrival point for much trade and armies, thus if they fell it could bode very poorly for the Sanctus System and sector as whole. Then they arrived. Planet Skarot, capitol of the system, was torn asunder by war. Chaos fought Orks, as both of them attacked the Imperial forces trying to survive, holding themselves up in fortresses and praying for relief. Godfrey spent a long time surveying the world and looking for points to strike, brooding in the ships head. But, from behind him appeared the wise Aengius. Aengius had studied the world as well, and quickly pointed out all of the points in which a strike would be most affective. And so Red Crusader squads appeared across the world, bringing hope to the Imperials and ruin to the other sides. As conflict escalated more chaos forces came to the world, and the war for the system only got greater. They organized a series of strikes to relieve the guard of the world so they could aid the crusaders in retaking the system. Godfrey led it himself, and almost got himself killed, when seeking glory he charged a squad of Khorne berserkers alone. He barely survived. But, the remains of the guard of Skarot now came in orbit with the Red Crusaders. They would make a foothold at Gork's drift, take it and hold it, and from there prepare to take the rest of the world. The guard and marines had a crushing victory against the Orks at Gork's drift, and the guard suceeded in holding it. So Godfrey's attentions went towards things more worthy for space marines. Beheading the warboss. Warboss Babog led his men agaisnt the chaos forces wherever he could, and it was easy to find him. Godfrey launched with a large force of Red Crusaders, and began searching the battlefield for the warboss. And then he found him. On a hill, on top of the ruins of imperial and ork structures, the warboss dueled the leader of chaos, what may have once been a Chaos Marine that now had terrible chaotic mutations growing out of him that his warband could not be identified. Godfrey charged them. And so a three way battle began. Godfrey struggled to keep up with two ferocious foes. With a lucky blow he disemboweled the Ork, who was then felled by a swoop from the chaos lord. The chaos lord then turned to him, and with one swoop hoisted him into the air with a ginourmous tentacle. Smaller tentacles grabbed his arms and began twisting the blade out of his hand. This would have been the end of Godfrey, but a huge crack sounded behind him. The chaos lord dropped him and turned around, only to see a large White and Red dreadnought standing behind him. Aengius lifted him up with a dreadnought arm, and with his other, the arm which had his hammer in it, smashed the chaos lords head into bloody gore. He dropped the body and stomped on it until no chaos was left but mush. Both sides of the Imperiums enemies were horrified, scattered and slain. And with this major battle won the rest of the world soon followed. With all i mperial forces liberated, and the enemy forces fighting amongst themselves, it was not to hard to cleanse the rest of the system. Godfrey learned the cost of his pride and hunger for glory, for without Aengius timely arrival the whole campaign could have been lost.


The current Aengius is a stoic soul. Though he still has the leadership skills and skills as a duelist he did in younger days he seems to have lost some of his vigor after the Sentar campaign, and the terrible loss of his great friend Marchise Crimson. he has a strong sense of justice, dedication, and a particular disdain for weakness. He is much more resigned to silence, now inspiring with less words, and more actions. His strategic abilities have only increased, but his charges lack his old energetic battle yells, replace with cold hate of the enemy. In youth he was somewhat jovial, a little prideful but he was able to make friends with his soldiers and fellow Grail-knights, in addition to having confidence in his abilities and that of his comrades. Some of this has left him. He is friendly still, but no longer has any true friends after he was forced to kill Marchise.. The other Grail Knights revere him as a near relic for he came to them from another time. This treatment, only enhanced by his entombment, in Aengius opinion has put a damper on his ability to make friends, as it can stop them from seeing him as a equal. The only thing he is as energetic in as in his younger is battle, though he does not outwardly approve as glad unless he is with Marchise, he is always smiling beneath the helmet when he has the chance to crush heretic heads, especially those of the warbands that killed Yokim, or khornates. For it is they who drove Marchise to madness.


  • Vindicator - A daemon hammer that grows in power the closer it is to the warp, having sporadic bursts of strength. Though it may have unholy origins, Aengius uses it as a powerful weapon for justice. He found it in Karuva, wrestling it from the stone it was placed in. He had fought over possession of it with the accursed White Death. He beat his way to its shrine where he drew the mighty hammer and named it. The reason the White Death were so interested in it is unknown, though it probably has something to due with its warp enhanced powers. No longer wielding it as a normal space marine would, yet unable to part with it, it was built into the right arm of is dreadnought.
  • Flamer of Jacques - Formerly hoisted on his side, now welded to his fist, is a weapon used by many Red Crusaders of his rank, a powerful flamer. In his case a relic he uncovered during the battle of Bubon. It had been dropped by Jacques when the Daemon struck him down. Aengius continued to fight, with the flamer of his master in one hand and hammer in the other. He planned to return it to Jacques when he was healed, but never got the chance as when he met Jacques again. Jacques could no longer use it, as he was a dreadnought. This did not stop Aengius, and he had it built into the left arm of his dreadnought.

Former Weapons

  • Excalion - The Warhammmer Excalion is a very powerful, large Daemonhammer it has its top locked in to a shrine. To become chapter master, you must draw it from its shrine. Then, Grandmaster wields it until death when it is returned to the shrine. This is because it is said to have been originally left by the Emperor. And a myth, or possible truth arose that drawing it proves the strength of heart of the wielder, and thus the wielder is the new Grandmaster. Aengius wielded it in conjunction with his original hammer, Vindicator. When he joined the Templars, it was returned to the stone for the new master, who would be Galahad Duloc.
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