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Aedmon Warrick is a Lieutenant that hails from the Void Walkers Chapter who is currently serving in the Deathwatch of the Ordo Xenos. He is the first to do so for the Void Walkers and has volunteered to learn more about how to combat the xenos threat having mostly fought against Chaos during the Indomitus Crusade. He excels at stealth operations and is an expert marksman even among his fellow battle-brothers. He serves as a Strike Force Lieutenant among the Void Walkers and is putting his skills to good use among his fellow Deathwatch Astartes.


Not much is known of Aedmon’s past, at least none that can be recalled through official records, until his recruitment into the Unnumbered Sons. There he made a name for himself through pragmatic leadership and deft skill with a bolter. Even though he was naturally gifted and promoted accordingly he would never rise above a line officer. He had no want for company command and preferred his position. He was pressured throughout the latter part of the Crusade to rise to a captaincy much to his distaste. At the end of the Crusade and the deployment order for the Chapter to the Kaladin System he volunteered for Deathwatch service. The now Commander Falkshear was promoted to his vacant captaincy instead much to the irritation of Falkshear who considered Aedmon a mentor and the better leader.


Aedmon Warrik is a very pragmatic individual, preferring to act upon actionable intelligence rather than educated guesswork. He has shown to be a very efficient leader within the Strike Teams. He was one of its creators after all. Aedmon prefers experience as the best tool to sharpen ones blade. With his century of experience he has gained with the Indomitus Crusade, he prefers action to words and only really speaks outside of the battlefield, usually mentoring fellow Primaris Marines.


  • Raven's Shroud: A durable metal mesh hood of non-reflective material with additional built in encryption and scrambling technologies for extended reconnaissance sorties. It replaces the Omni-Scrambler allowing for a sleeker profile and more room for additional wargear. Awarded to Void Walkers who have passed the Shadow Trials.
  • Ebony Raiment: Heavily customized Mark X Phobos armor designed for Void Walker Strike Teams.
  • Shadow-Cloth: Awarded to Void Walker Strike Team Lieutenants. Serves as an easy rank identifier amongst Strike Teams. Each Lieutenant creates his own symbol to put on the hardened leather fault armor to mark himself apart from his fellow STLs.
  • Occulus Bolt Carbine
  • Combat Knife

Aedmon Warrik of the Deathwatch

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