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Adam Piren, known as 'Lictor' by his comrades, is a Space Marine of the Paladins Astra Space Marine Chapter. He is currently seconded to a Long Vigil of the Deathwatch, the Chamber Militant of the Inquisition's Ordo Xenos.


Prideful. Ferocious. Single-minded. These are but a few choice words used by those who only briefly serve with Adam "Lictor" Piren of the Paladins Astra Chapter.

Tithed to the Deathwatch to serve the Long Vigil, the relatively young Knight-Brother (the Paladins Astra term for Battle Brother) of 214 years was known by his Sergeants during his growth as an Astartes for recklessness, glory-hunting, and much to their chagrin, enough raw talent and an uncanny awareness of his surroundings to keep him and his Brothers alive. After his eventual promotion to the main Battleline Companies, his superiors tried to keep Heinrick where he was most comfortable, and most effective; in fierce, bloody melee combat.

It should come as no surprise, then, that upon his unexpected promotion to the Kings-Guard, the 1st Company of the Paladins Astra, he was immediately placed into one of the Vanguard Veteran squads. Within which, he only gained even more personal glory, particularly during one instance while fighting a tendril of Tyranids, where Adam engaged and felled two Lictor bioforms that were attempting to circle behind the defenders' lines to assassinate the local Commanders, saving their lives. Afterwards, representatives of the Deathwatch came requesting a tithe for the Long Vigil, to which Adam and two other members of the Paladins Astra were offered.

Adam has faced many detestable xenos during his Long Vigil, however every time he is sent after Tyranids, and there are Lictors present, it's typically Adam that lands the killing blows upon them, thus earning his nickname.


To most, Adam appears to be extremely prideful, ferocious, and quite single-minded in regards to his preferred targets(namely Tyranids), yet he has his reasons for this façade. His pride is meant to be simply a show of confidence, which he overplays almost to the point of being a braggart, while honestly he's just trying to assure his fellows that they've got someone skilled and experienced fighting by their side. His ferocious nature comes from his upbringing before becoming an Astartes, as a former runt among the children of his village, making it so that he had to fight to protect whatever he could get for himself or his siblings, whether it was a piece of fruit, or some toy. His single-mindedness, which could also be utilized as a tool to simply achieve extreme, unwavering focus on his potential targets, is a large part of why he is typically the one on his team that detects - and also dispatches - more stealth-inclined enemies.  This can lead him towards reckless behavior when ignoring threats in his periphery, and has cost him and his brothers in the past - a sin that weighs heavily upon Heinrick.

Wargear & Equipment

As a Deathwatch Vanguard Veteran, Adam is equipped with a Jetpack, inscribed with a count of his kills against the xenos, a Heavy (Two-Handed) Thunder Hammer with Blood Angels markings (an Honor Gift after saving a Blood Angels Chaplain during a campaign against a Drukhari raiding force), and a Relic Plasma Pistol that has red coils and a gold casing.

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