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"The sky will bleed and the heavens shall rip apart, releasing the beasts from within."
— Line from Wulfentime Prophecy

The Abyss Stalkers (Ginnungveiðr in Niflanian) are a Non-Codex compliant Space Marine Chapter in the 42nd Millennium, created as a part of the Ultima Founding of Adeptus Astartes. Founded as a reaction to the newly abandoned Friorhol Sector, the Abyss Stalkers are part of an ancient Astartes Group created by the high lords known as the Astartes Praeses to protect the sectors surrounding the Eye of Terror.

Like their gene-seed parents, the Abyss Stalkers are masters of the hunt and close-quarters combat, making them a perfect counter against the chaos warbands that try to immerge from the Eye of Terror, the Abyss Stalkers are also masters of terror combat, attacking bit by bit, destroying enemy morale before striking for a final blow. The Abyss Stalkers are known to be a extremely aggressive chapter slaughtering whole imperium worlds if that what it takes to purge the heretic, the xeno, or the mutant. Though even with this intense aggression one thing is certain, the chapters loyalty to the emperor and to Russ, whom they still believe will return to lead the wolves once again to greatness.


Chapter History

Indomitus Crusade 000.M42

Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman

When the Great Rift ripped across the galaxy and tore it two, thousands of worlds suddenly became under siege by the horrors of chaos. When all hope was lost, the thirteenth son of the Emperor - Roboute Guilliman - rose from his deathly slumber to bring back hope by declaring himself as the Imperium's new Lord Commander and upon his rebirth, his greatest invention would be brought to light. A new breed of the Adeptus Astartes, the Primaris Space Marines, numbering in the thousands were set forth onto the Dark Millennium by their creator, Archmagos Belisarius Cawl. From the very brink of extinction, these new and improved warriors would be Guilliman's mighty fist as he brings salvation to the lost worlds. With the declaration of the Indomitus Crusade, Roboute Guilliman set out to the stars with the Unnumbered Sons to save humanity from its darkest days.

Crusade Fleet Secondus 000.M42

As Fleet Secondus of the Indomitus Crusade focused on driving back the Chaos hordes spilling out from the Eye of Terror after Cadia's Fall, Guilliman's unnumbered sons to tested themselves upon the treacherous and incalculable numbers against the arch-enemy. Battlefields spanning Imperial world after Imperial world became the perfect breeding grounds for the next-generation of Astartes, and it was through these many campaigns that the capabilities of the Primaris Space Marines were revealed to humanity and its enemies. These wars would pave the foundation of what soon would become the Abyss Stalkers as many of the Unnumbered Sons experienced brotherhood amongst like-minded warriors whom they have never met before, but would die for.

As Fleet Secondus reached Cadia and it pushed chaos back, the remaining unnumbered sons that had not been placed into a newly created Ultima Chapter or used to reinforce existing chapters were instead reused in Guillimans Fleet Primus.

The New Commander 111.M42~

As Fleet Primus reached the end of its track and the Indomitus Crusade focused upon dispersing itself along the Great Rift, Guilliman met with the Chapter Master of the legendary blood angels, Dante. It was here that Guilliman entrusted Dante with the recapturing and protection of what was no Imperium Nihilus, and with this great responsibility Guilliman also gave Dante legions of his unnumbered sons to continue the Indomitus Crusade in the now lost Imperium. It was here that many of the unnumbered sons would last see the Imperium whole, as once they crossed the Nachmund Gauntlet they would have to suffer the torment that was the slowly dieing Imperium Nihilus.

A Chapter is Born

As the unnumbered sons were passed down to Dante a message broke through from the Friorhol Sector, a sector that had sat on the edge of the Eye of Terror had recently been abandoned by its sworn Astartes Praeses chapter. If such a sector was left unguarded, countless daemons and Heretic Astartes warbands could slip through this gap in realspace and cause chaos in the new Imperium Nihilus. As it was the duty of Dante to protect and rebuild the foundation of Imperium Nihilus, he instructed that a new chapter would be formed to replace the treacherous Iron Horn chapter, now known as the Iron Gore. Shutting this door into Imperium Nihilus would become an urgent mission, and the chapter created for the task would be known as the Abyss Stalkers. To this duty, the veteranated warrior Vidar Farseer was entrusted with the duty of leading this new chapter.

Before departing into the unknown that was Imperium Nihilus, the Space Wolves met with the warriors and gave upon the successors of their gene-seed the ancient knowledge of Fenris and the Space Wolves. It was here that Vidar got to see the savagery and barbarism that was Space Wolves first hand, and it was here that he saw the uncontrolled and undisciplined nature of their warriors. After witnessing his gene-fathers, alongside feeling the call of the Wulfen within Vidar swore that his chapter would be disciplined, only allowing the call of the Wulfen from within to surface when the fires of war call upon it as a last resort.

Friorholian Crusade 116.M42-150.M42

The Friorholian Crusade was a event in Imperial history that took place approximately from 116.M42 - 150.M42, during which the newly created Space Marine chapter known as the Abyss Stalkers reclaimed the lost sector in Imperium Nihilus.

With the sector unguard for more then two solar decades, alongside with the near impossible astropathic communications the sector fell into an archaic state that had not been seen since before the Great Crusade. Because of this age of darkness, most of the planets had lost hope in the imperium, their skies now ripped in twine as the bright purple of the Eye of Terror raged even more then in the past.

It was this dissolent‎ and strange sector that the Abyss Stalkers had to reclaim in the name of the Emperor, and it was here that they would spend the next thirty five years crusading world after world. To hasten the crusade Vidar organized his chapter after that of his gene-fathers, the Space Wolves, splitting the chapter into twelve independent armies, each tasked with bringing systems back into imperial compliance.

The Newkin

Notable Campaigns

Abyss Stalkers cleaning up after a ambush by the Black Legion

Evilox Conquest (223.116.M42 - 105.117.M42)- The Conquest for Evliox was one of the many first strikes inside the Friorhol Crusade led by the Abyss Stalker Space Marine Chapter. The focus of the campaign was to bring imperial peace back to the Evliox in the wake of the Great Rift and the Era Indomitus. The campaign ultimately lasted less than a year as the Abyss Stalkers 3rd Great Company, alongside various Imperial supplements went world to world examining and recapturing lost Imperial Planets. Initially the campaign went smooth, as most imperial worlds didn't have the forces or machines needed to combat the raw power of the Adeptus Astartes, this was until the 3rd Great Company came up the planet of Clearport-B04. Once the systems capital planet, it was reduced to nothing more then a reduced atmosphere, and the remains of humanity that attempted to survive on the slowly dying planet. Upon the 3rd Great Companies attempt to reclaim the planet they fell into a ambush by the Black Legion Warband known as Abaddons Dragoons. The savage and dying nature of the planet brought with it the perfect opportunities to hire and recruit new members into the warbands cult, and with a precise attack they attempted to take down the 3rd Great Company before they could call in reinforcements. Though calculated the Warband was unable to predict the might of the new Primaris marines, and what they thought was a perfect ambush only turn into their own slaughter. Though only losing two squads of their own, the Black Dragoons were able to wipe out four of the Abyss Stalkers, creating a gash in the already hard to replace marines of the chapter.

Abyss Stalker 10th Company Intercessor Squad disembarking from a Impulsor to lay a storm of fire upon the enemy encampment

Seige of Mubadus (231.116.M42 - 296.117.M42)- The planet of Mubadus was once a purpose and plentiful mining world, but after generations of mining it's atmosphere was stripped of all breathable oxygen. Because of this its inhabitants were forced to move deep below the planets surface. When the great rift formed, and all communication was lost to the planet though, they turn inwards for protection and built the planets defenses ten-fold, using the very resources they once swore to the God Emperor to know protect themselves. Brining this planet back under imperial control would prove an ever more tedious task, its thousands of dead end tunnels and caverns would become the burial ground for all that dare attempt attack. For this planet it was up to the 12th Company, Ragnarok, masters of breach warfare. Equipped with dozens of powerful melta weapons, the Company marched through the caverns, assisted by hundreds of servo-skulls that with hours perfected maps of the entire cave system. For almost a year, Ragnarok bashed at the walls of the planets hive cities, and for a almost a year the people of Mubadus held the gates shut. Though as the Emperor had designed, Ragnarok eventually cracked the doors of its hive cities and forced the planetary governor to readmit the planet to the Imperium.

Chapter Homeworld

Niflheim IX

Planetary Pic-file of Niflheim

"This land is fertile and will provide many great sons of Russ. It is here, my brothers, where we plant our blades. This is now our home. Today, we save this planet from Chaos. Tomorrow, we claim it in the name of the Wolf King!"
— Quote from Wolf Lord Heimdal of the 3rd Great Company the Hræsvelgr

A world lost in time as there are no official reports of the Imperium ever successfully colonizing Niflheim. A fact further proven true by the dangers that the planet still hold. The surface of Niflheim is covered with giant beasts and monsters that have an insatiable appetite for the flesh of any humanoid being that walks upon on its surface. The only thing worse than the wildlife is the unbearably cold winters of the planet. Through constant struggle against a world seemingly against human life, the natives of Niflheim survive and this indomitable will to survive make them perfect candidates for recruitment into a chapter of the Emperor's venerated Adeptus Astartes.

The hardened and splintered human tribes upon Niflheim are suspected to be the descendants of survivors from the planet's first and only attempt of colonization prior to the arrival of the Abyss Stalkers. The ship carrying the original colonists had experienced an electrical system failure that resulted in its crash into the planet's surface. The ship was so thoroughly decimated during its crash that there was no hope for any components to be salvaged for the creation of a single Imperial Knight. The colonists were equipped with nothing, but destroyed hunks of junk and the few surviving Imperial Knights that were stored in the cargo hold. These Imperial knights barely lasted for more than a decade before their machine spirits or pilots perished due to the treacherous world.

Locations of Interest

Departmento Cartographicae Map of Niflheim with important locations according to the natives of the land

Niflheim is a vast and large world, being classified as a Super-Terrestrial world by the Departmento Cartographicae. The surface area of Niflheim is almost twice that of Holy Terra, though Niflheim's landmass is compacted into a singular supercontinent along with a few isles spread around it.

On this super-continent, there are a number of notable locations marked out by the natives of the planet. Each one of these locations has some importance to the natives, from the hunting grounds of different tribes to important holy grounds. These locations are as follows:

Two tribesmen cross the frozen wasteland that is the Land of the Sleeping Wyvern

  • Land of the Sleeping Wyvern: This stretch of land is cast in a permanent winter, unlike the rest of the world. This climatic phenomenon makes it impossible for nothing less than the most potent tribes and predators. A highly dangerous creature can only be described as a Wyvern from myths before the Imperium dwells within the land's frozen peaks. These powerful winged beasts can stand up to 30 feet tall and breath bursts of pure ice. It is often a great omen when one of these mighty beasts are slain and the proud warrior who is able to kill one is usually welcomed back into their tribe as a Chieftain, a warrior above all before him. The area gets its name from an old myth, that beneath all of its frozen mountains rests a Wyvern like never before and that the mountains themselves are just the boney spine of the great beast.

The skies around Ravenspire are always lit by a constant thunderstorm

  • The Ravenspire: Acting as the primary border between the Land of The Sleeping Wyvern and the rest of Niflheim, this set of mountain ranges is covered by a set of dark clouds that spew an almost constant array of thunderstorms. This range of mountains has also been noted as the "cursed lands" because of the strange storms. The tribes that live in this region are known to live within the many cave systems and are pale of skin. Furthermore, the constant storms rendered any verbal communication to be almost impossible, so the inhabitants are very well versed in sign language. The mountains in the Ravenspire are the home of many different kinds of animals, with the most common beasts being huge bearlike monsters, and giant Rok's. The area obtained its name because of its highest peak, which is home to a giant black rok, which the natives originally thought was a godlike raven. Hence the area's designation by the locals as the Ravenspire.

Pic-file taken by one of Inquisitor Metallius Harlan's acolytes during there investigation of the origin of the natives of the planet.

  • The Land of the Giants: This barren land is filled with rolling hills and vast plains as far as the eye can see with sections covered in thick boreal forests. The tribes of the area are more technologically advanced than many of the other planets' tribes. Whereas a typical Feral World tribe might have access to crudely made techno-spears, these tribes are known to be equipped with things such as techno-blades and simple augmentations (such as bionic eyes and ears) though they are of the crudest design. Warriors of this region are also known to be equipped with crude sets of Flak armor. Ever since its reintegration to the Imperium, the history of Niflheim's colonization has been a mystery as there are no Imperial records that made any mention of the planet or the system it is in. This mystery prompted Inquisitor Metallius Harlan of the Ordo Hereticus to investigate the planet and his mission was two-fold. He would have to find the truth of the colonization of the planet, and investigate the locals for signs of heresy as their mysterious colonization could be the work of chaos. After about a year of constant searching and scanning of the planet, the Inquisitor was led to a place the natives referred to as "The Land of the Giants" and upon searching the area the Inquisitor found the truth of Niflheim. Within a secluded valley, the Inquisitor found the remains of a pre-Imperial cargo ship and upon searching the ship, he discovered that been launched during the Long March, a time when humanity's first colonies made voyages to the great edges of the galaxy. However, through some technical difficulties - which Metallius suspected were most likely caused by rogue warp storms within the system - the ship was forced to make a crash landing. The emergency landing proved to be fatal for many of the ship's crew and most of its cargo was destroyed. The greatest loss that the colony sustained after the crash was the destruction of the Imperial Knights crafted for the journey. The few Knights that weren't completely destroyed by the crash soon failed due to heavy damage sustained from the lethal world's natural dangers and the STC to create more were badly destroyed during the crash.

The rolling hills of Hermit pass

  • Hermit Pass: This valley is tightly squished between two of the planet's largest lakes and the tribes of the area are known for being skilled fishermen. When tribes of the area set out to raid rivals and neighbours, they are well known for using sea-bound vessels and are the undisputed masters of naval based warfare. Their mighty ships assaulting the beaches of the tribe's camps before hordes of warriors jump out for the raid. This affinity for naval combat was created because many ferocious beasts live within the valley, some small and some hundreds of feet tall. The presence of these monstrous creatures make living within the valley itself impossible. Though, it has been noted that a few small tribes of less than 15 people have been able to survive the valley. This is because of the tribe's small size, which keeps any settlements small and lets the people remain mobile.

Thick boreal forests scattered across many hills within the region make a beautiful sight for viewers

  • The Highlands: This region is blanketed in beautiful thick boreal forests and rolling hills. There have been many attempts to re-colonize this portion of Niflheim by Imperial Explorators. However, numerous native attacks, strange weather anomalies, and the ferocious beasts of the land have made this almost impossible with only the smallest outposts being able to hide away from these threats. Prior to becoming the Abyss Stalkers' homeworld, Niflheim used to send tithes of bodies to the Astra Militarum and the primary recruitment camp was located in this area. Ever since the Abyss Stalkers have conquered and claimed the planet, the camp was repurposed to train new chapter serfs for the chapter. This has led to the camp gaining superior weapon systems such as towers equipped with auto-locking heavy bolters. These lands are also known to carry lots of simple prey such as deer and elk as well as fearsome creatures such as massive dire wolves that lurk the outskirts of each human outpost.

A lone warrior makes the long march to see the land of there ancestors, and see's a long-abandoned fortress of old

  • Land of the Old Ones: After there crash landing, the immediate area became too dangerous to survive so the remaining survivors made a trek to find a safe location to settle down. This eventually brought them to these ancient lands, which they settled down in for many generations, though due to multiple civil wars the area was turned into nothing more then ruins. The remains of what was once a proto-hive city still remain here, alongside multiple outposts that were once used as garrison points for PDF forces, but due to the scrambled technology many systems were too scrambled to work. Leading to machines often failing, which led to civil unrest, alongside a weak governmental system led to many civil wars for the city. After what is recorded as a 50-year war the city was no more and its remaining civilians fled to the greater world, forming barbaric tribes to survive the harsh wilderness. This land is know marked as holy, and very few tribesmen have ever even stepped on its beaches.

This vicious island is covered with dense swamps

  • Kraken Isles: This island is covered in a dense swamp that has seemed to grow sentients of its own. Marked as the single most dangerous area on the planet almost everything has evolved to rapidly adapted to anything that may threaten them. Even the simplest venom from one of these creatures as the ability to melt right through the flesh on contact. These extreme conditions make this area perfect for test possible aspirants of the chapter, as this island acts as the second stage for the testing process. Originally thought impossible, there has been noted a few extremely rare tribes that live in the area, though the tribesmen from this island are savage and barely human, even to the point the Abyss Stalkers don't recruit anyone from the islands.

Pic-file of the plains of the area

  • Wispy Plains: The large and flat plains of this area are great for hunting, and the tribes that live here are known to be extremely nomadic, moving with herds of food. These tribesmen are known to be protective of these animals, treating them as high-value resources and the main focus when they invade neighboring tribes. Living alongside these wild beasts often get these tribes into battles with the regions various beasts, whether be small and live in hordes using their mass numbers to strip a whole herd of prey to nothing but bones; Or be large and solitary creatures that could gut a human in a single swipe. Though through the many centuries these tribes have lived here they have grown an intense relationship to canines and often use them while hunting.

Natives traveling through these ancient forests

  • Forest of Wisdom: The thick forests of this area have been the home to the most numerous tribes in the whole planet, though these tribes have been noted to be a fraction of the size of many of the planets other tribes. Usually only including up to 15 members, upon reaching this limit these tribes create splinter tribes that are made from the extra bodies of the tribe. This is because large scale tribes could never live in the forests, their large size would make them to easy of a target from foreign invaders, and the mass size would make hunting for food to hard as most of the creatures of the forest have adopted many abilities to blend into the are. These tribes are known to be the greatest marksmen of all the planets though, for if a tribesman is born with eyesight problems or body deformities they will be quickly eaten by the forest, within a tribe everyone is a hunter and being able to use a bow is so known to them that its almost a third arm.

This land is covered in mass battlefields, weapons and bodies alike littered as if junk

  • Flesheater Mounds: The tribes of this area have been known to be the most active in the art of war. Thousands of years of war have stripped the once-wealthy land the tribes originally fought for into nothing more then a barren wasteland covered in mass battlefields. These lands were once covered in lush green plains, and the land provided not many natural predators, making it the most ideal location for a tribe to settle, and could have been the location for a possible new Proto-Hive City. But because of how perfect the land was it was quickly contested by more than a hundred clans, causing wars of the mass size that would last years at a time. Children born into these wars would quickly be taught how to wield a blade and how to fight for if even a simple child can't fight for his tribe then they and their whole tribe will be devoured by other clans, caught in an endless war that not even the wisest shamans remember the start of, only that if they don't win and conquer it will cause great dishonor on the tribe as a whole. Because of how stripped the land has become, the act of cannibalism has become common within the region, as the flesh of the enemy is thought to strengthen one's body and mind, it is also the only source of food in the area.

A possible aspirant of the chapter arrives at the Gate of the Emperor a sacred location, and the only land entrance to the chapters fortress monastry

  • Isles of Gods: Home to the chapters fortress-monastery, this land isn't organic and was artificially created by the Abyss Stalkers upon its arrival. As so this land is covered with many great challenges for any possible aspirants to cross before even becoming in contact with the Astartes chapter. From treacherous seas around the island, to ravenous mountains that populated the region the terrain of the planet has almost no flat area surfaces. The only safeguard for travelers is alone fortress within the great mountain ranges, this fortress is known as The Gate of the Emperor and is the only way to gain entrance to the chapters fortress-monastery through its many underground tunnels. Once out of the cave systems it is the job of the aspirants to make the final journey to the Fortress Monastery.

People of Niflheim

Niflan warrior standing alongside a beast he has tamed for hunting

The people of Niflheim are known as the Niflan, though barbaric in nature the imperium has on multiple occasions had the opportunity to study these tribesmen. Because of the world's extremely harsh nature, many of its inhabitants have grown up to live a nomadic life, only building temporary villages.

Because of how hard it can be to hunt many of the beasts on the planet it is also very common for these tribesmen to participate in raids and wars for food, women, and land. It is for this reason that almost every child is a trained warrior, for the tribe can never truly know when there gonna be attacked, and in the face of war age is only the number of years you have protected your tribe.

The physiology of Niflans is close to that of the basic Terran, except for a few evolutionary traits the natives have developed to survive. This includes more slender muscular forms to keep themselves as small and light as possible for hunting, and more finely tuned senses.

People of War

A group of Niflan raiders charging head first into a battle

Due to the nomadic nature of the planet's inhabitants, the people of Niflheim are naturally born warriors, who are trained in the arts of war from birth. Unlike the civilians of the millions of Hive Cities across the imperium, war is constant thought of a Niflan and everyone must be ready for battle at a moment notice. This is one of the main reasons the Niflans have are equipped extremely lightly, heavier and more complex armor could take minutes to fully equip, which is something most warriors do not have in the brink of a battle.

The most common equipment of one of these tribesmen is the pelts of beasts they have slain, these pelts provide some protection from attacks and prevent serious wounds, but are mainly worn to protect the fragile human body from the elements. They are also most commonly equipped with a spear for ranged melee warfare, bows or great bows for ranged warfare, or heavy clubs for close melee warfare. These weapons are usually crafted from either the bones or teeth of the creatures they murder or are made from crude metals. Though uncommon, weapons such as axes and swords are seen, though the craftsmen needed to craft such tools are usually saved for chieftains of high ranking members of society. There are a few numbers of tribes that are completely equipped in these rarer metals, though these tribes have usually grown to such size that building a permanent village is possible to defend.

Even rarer among the tribes are pieces of technology, usually saved for the Chieftan, these weapons have been badly crafted by mixing the advance technology of the 40th millennium with the primitive technology of the tribe. Resembling crude power weapons, these weapons have the same basic goal, to kill enemies with a high degree of success. The most common of these weapons are power spears, which can be anything from having a badly damaged power sword attached to a stick to having a haywire set of technology causing streak of energy to burst from the weapon. The rarest of these weapons are actually functional las-weaponry which is usually looted from destroyed imperial camps, because of the need of energy packs these ranged weapons only last a short amount of time before they run out of energy and are useless.


Pic-File of a temporary Niflan village

The tribes of the Niflan have only survived all these years because of there deep investment in the Tribalism style of society. At the top of Niflan society is the Chieftain, these proud warriors have obtained the respect of its fellow tribesmen. Upon the battlefield, there is no one more dangerous than the Chieftan and his personal squad of Karl.

Though technically not part of the tribe hierarchy, the village shamans are highly respected individuals who only bow down to the tribes Chieftan. Highly sought out by tribes, shamans have a strange and mysterious ability to look into the spirit realm and gain knowledge far beyond that of a normal tribesman. Unknown to the shamans though is that fact that there mysterious come from the warp and that they themselves are psychers, it is actually from young Shamans that the Abyss Stalkers recruit there Rune Priests.

Niflan Shaman performing an ancient war ritual

Under the Chieftan is the Karl, the honored warriors of the tribe. Equipped with the best equipment the tribe can offer, a Karl is a warrior above all else. The trained elite the Karl are tasked with leading the armies of the tribe and the personal bodyguard of the Chieftan. Upon a battlefield a squad of Karl and its Chieftain is highly feared, for together this elite squad can wipe out hordes of warriors all by themselves.

The most common sight in a tribe is its warriors, both men and woman gender does not dictate where one is among the society, instead everyone is seen a finely sharpened blade, perfect for war. Most tribes train there young from the moment they can understand orders to become warriors, with those who cannot keep up with the harsh and rigorous training being abandoned to be devoured by the lands great beasts or to be sold to another tribe as a slave for resources.

The bottom of the hierarchy is its slaves, these humans are treated as less than simple tools. Usually tasked with the most tedious tasks of the tribe, these once proud warriors are stripped from everything that they once knew and "trained" to be loyal servants to there new masters. Upon the battlefield, it is common to see hordes of slaves pushed into the front lines only equipped with the most basic weapons, and barely any armor, it is the dream of these slaves to prove their worth to the tribe through war so that they can once again be a warrior.


Niflan tribesman gives himself to the gods

Because of the tribalistic nature of the people of Niflheim a religion has been formed. This religion resembles many of the greater Imperium feral tribes religions, with a heavy focus on spirit animals and greater beings of ultimate power.

Upon conquering the planet, the Abyss Stalkers planted seeds of the ancient Fenrisian religion, with the goal of combining the two into a Pseudo-Religion consisting of elements from both. Though it took many years the Abyss Stalkers were successful with this mission and were even able to make the Black Armoured Wolf Priests of the chapter seem as Demi-God beings, sent by the gods to choose warriors that would fight alongside them in the heavens.

A Thousand Tribes

The people of Niflheim live in a nomadic tribalistic way, and because of that, thousands of tribes of risen and fallen from power. In the greater scheme of things, a singular tribe is nothing but a single grain of sand. Though rare, there have been times when dozens of tribes have banded together under the leadership of great chieftain as a great tribe. Though these great tribes may stand as an impossibly strong tribe, once this great chieftain dies it is common for the tribes to have a civil war to become the new leader. Such is the life of a these tribes, to rise and fall just like a fire.

Baldr & Váli

Baldr and Váli are Niflheim IX's two largest moons, both having an atmosphere capable of providing life. Both of these planets provide tithes to the Astra Militarum, as well as providing defenses to Niflheim, whether it is as ground troops, or as sanctioned troops tasked with using planetary defenses.


Pic-File of Baldr's many Hive Cities

Once covered in many deserts because of the planet's thin atmosphere, the imperium has used the surface of this moon to erect many hive-cities, going as far as classifying the moon as a Hive Planet. Untold billions live and are born on this planet every year, and dozens of Astra Militarum regiments are tithed from these planets great hive cities. Like many other hive planets, Baldr's main resource to the imperium is its many Astra Militarum regiments, who are trained off-world because of Baldr's outdated military camps that are only good at training the most basic planetary defense forces.


Váli is covered in many crop fields

A relatively peaceful planet, the inhabitants of Váli are born into a peaceful life of farming. Though it could never supply the raw amount of food delivered from a full-scale Agri-World, Váli's many produces are used to feed Baldr and the serfs of Niflheim. Compared to Baldr Váli's population is not but a fraction, and so Váli could never supply the same amount of Astra Militarum Regiments as Baldr on a regular basis. Instead, Váli mostly fills its Astra Militarum tithe with the raw resource of food, which is then turned into simple meals for thousands of guardsmen across the galaxy.

Planetary Defenses

As every planet in the imperium, Niflheim is protected by not just its loyal Astra Militarum regiments, but various other elements controlled by the imperial navy. Being located so close to the Eye of Terror, planets within the Friorhol sector are well equipped to deal with invading forces. These defenses are scattered across its planet and moons, those defenses are as follows:


Planetary Defense Force: Being controlled by the Abyss Stalkers, Niflheim doesn't owe a tithe to the Astra Militarum, unlike many other imperial controlled planets. Instead, these units are heavily trained so that they may one day become chapter serfs, these serfs are split into three different divisions.

The first being the most well-trained individuals, who are chosen to be the personal serfs of the chapter and are assigned to the chapters many ships. These individuals are known to be as well trained as the Tempest Scions, are equipped as such. Though most of these individuals will never be on the same battlefield as there Astartes Masters.

The second of these is known as Kinsmin and is usually pulled straight from an Abyss Stalkers clan before they left. While these kinsmen aren't trained to any of the degrees as any of the other serfs, they act as the personal servants of there assigned Astartes, and every Astartes in the chapter has one under there service.

The final of these divisions act in the same way as a normal planetary defense force, defending the planet from any foul scum that attempts to attack the planet. Being as well trained as a guardsman, these unnumbered serfs are the loyal protectors of Niflheim, and every one of them would put their life down to protect there home.

Planetary Defenses: Not to be confused with the Planetary Defense Forces of the planet, these are buildings dedicated to the defense of the planet against naval threats. Scattered across the planet, Niflheim has 6 of these stations. These stations include:

  • Blackhowl Bastion: This massive base holds an impressive Lance Battery, located within the Forest of Wisdom deep within the ground, very few know the true location of this base. Because of the high power usage of the lance battery, the serfs assigned to this bastion known well that they only have one volley of shots before the system can be down for minutes. Firing this battery also notifies the enemy of its location, making it a prime target for there fire. Though a well placed shot from this battery is enough to take down escort level threats, and even enough to cripple cruiser level ships, who are usually hit unsuspecting from it.
  • Frostmines Redoubt & Thundersword Haven: Fulling automated, the serfs of these missile silos are only located here to protect it from being launched against its own allies. Once launched, one of these silos missiles automatically hunts its target before exploding.
  • Brightsword, Bleakfall, and Darkfang Airfields: Scattered across the planets surface, these airfields provide hundreds of fighters and bombers piloted by chapter serfs trained in the aeriel arts. These pilots usually provide as the planet primary aeriel defense in the atmosphere, though these ships are capable to leave the atmosphere to act as reinforcements to the orbital defenses if the situation calls for it.

Orbital Defenses: Alongside its ground defenses, Niflheim has many orbital defenses that act as support for larger vessels, or as the first line of defense against vanguard invaders. Niflheim's orbital defenses are as follows:

  • Defence System Titan, and Blackclaw: These orbital defenses are equipped with torpedo launchers are effective are pinging off enemies at a range as well as up close.
  • Space Station Ice Rune, and Wyrven: Though not as powerful as a Ramilies-class Starfort, these two space stations provide very well needed support fire. Though these stations are able to hold there own against small threats, each of these space stations is equipped with multiple Weapon Batteries, Lance Batteries and Launch Bays, making them formidable opponents.


Planetary Defense Force: Being covered in vast hive cities, Baldr is able to keep a respectably sized Planetary Defense Force, though these forces are little more than street thugs, except for those who act as personal guards to the high ranking person on the moon. The amount of regiments Baldr's Planetary Force is numbered around 61 as of recent reports, with each regiment having anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 potential guardsmen.

Planetary Defenses: Within its many Hive Cities, Baldr holds a couple of Planetary Defenses to guard them against external threats, these defenses are as follows:

  • Black Scar Barracks: Despite what it entails, this base is little more than just a barracks, for hidden within it is a singular missile silo. This singular missile is capable of crippling even battleships with its automatic targeting system. Though because of its high cost, it is rarely shot, being saved as a last measure.
  • Fientstar Airfield: The primary air focused defense of the planet, this massive airfield as the potential of launching hundreds of attack craft into a battle.

Orbital Defenses: Being caught within the orbit of Niflheim, the Abyss Stalkers chapter has requisite that the moon is equipped with orbital defenses, so that it may participate in an attack if required, these orbital defenses are as follows.

  • Heretics Crossing: An ironic name, this defense is a massive minefield located around the planet, that on command can be launched away from the planets orbit to create a choke point against invading targets.
  • Emperor's Holy Guidance: This massive Orbital Weapons Platform provides great cover fire for ally naval ships when engaged in naval combat. It's also tasked with taking down the few ships that survive the moons minefield.


Planetary Defense Force: Having a population a fraction the size of Baldr, Váli has very little manned forces to protecting it. On record Váli has little more than 10,000 active Planetary Defense Guardsmen. Because of this, it is not uncommon for multiple Astra Militarum Regiments to be assigned to defend the planet, though these regiments are usually little more than conscripts.

Planetary Defenses: Along the surface of Váli, rests 2 Missile Silos, these missile silos are launched as needed, usually only packing enough punch to cripple the void shields of escort-class vessels. Though what they lack in power they make up in quantity, with each missile silo packing up to 2 dozen missiles, which are launched together in a mass horde. Because of there small size, it only takes mere minutes to reload the missiles.


The Abyss Stalkers Mighty Fortress Monastry the Helgafjell

""What separates us from those Khornate savages is that we do not mangle the bodies of heretics for our enjoyment, but as a sign to them that their days are numbered. That with every body that we destroy and hang that they will wish that we are the last ones to find them.""
— Radulfr Frosthauss of the Abyss Stalkers 9th Great Company

Hidden deep within a man-made island is the Abyss Stalkers mighty Fortress-Monastery, known to them as Heglafjell (The Holy Mountain in High Gothic). The Fortress Monastery was a gift from the Adeptus Mechanicus after the Friorholian Crusade for saving their Forge World and is a icon of the chapters might. Its location was chosen for its harsh surroundings, making it almost impossible for anyone on foot to reach its mighty walls.

The Isles of Gods was designed to be a treacherous domain, with beasts gathered from around the Friorhol Sector running rampant. These beasts combined with the sharp cliffs and splitting mountains of the area make it impossible for travelers to make a direct route to the Monastery, instead the only clear path to the Monastery is through a heavily guarded Fort, this fort is known as the Gate of the Emperor and its location is deeply hidden within the island. The forts positioning within the deep valleys of the island makes it a perfect defensive strongpoint for the chapters serfs, who arm the building on constant guard. Once an aspirant has appeared though, it is tradition for a squad of the most honored chapter serfs to lead them through the many cave systems of the mountains, to the open ice plains from were they must depart and make the final leg of the pilgrimage.

Astropath Choir

Chapter Serfs gather the Astropaths and readies them for their next message

Deep within the crust of Nilfhiem rests the chapters Astropathic Choir, hidden away from the world as protection. The walkway to this part of the Fortress Monastery is not like the other walkways, instead one must walk down naturally made cave systems deep into the planet's crust. As for the Astropath Choir itself it is found in a large cave opening, with dozens of paths leading in and out of the room. Along the middle of the room is a tear in the very ground, revealing one of the only lights, that of the planet's molten core. It is here, in the deep dark and silent caves that the Astropaths seek the Emperor's Tarot and send messages to the greater imperium.

As for the living condition of the Astropaths, they are but the simplest that can be. Out of the dozens of tunnels connected to the Astropath Choir are even more splits and dead ends, each ending in a modest cave home. Most of these homes have not a light, and have nothing more than a stone bed to give the Astropaths comfort.


The mighty doors that lead to the Helgafjells Forges.

Found even deeper within the crust of Niflhiem then the Astropath Choirs is that of the chapter forges. These massive forges are power by the planets geothermal energy, and is maintain by hundreds of mono-tasked servitors. Between the beatings of the Iron Priests hammers and the screeches of metal being forged into holy weapons their is not a time of quiet.

The ash and pollution of these forges, combined with the intense heat is so great that even the chapters serfs must regularly swap those who are assigned to the the forges. To the chapters serfs, being assigned to the Forges is a great risk, as many of those who enter suffer permanent scars or even death.

Inner Forge

The Inner Forge.

The Inner Forge is the private forge of the chapters Greymane, only him and the few dozen servitors he has personally crafted are allowed to walk in this most holy place. This forge unlike the chapters others is not powered by the planets geothermal energy, but instead the very core of the planet. Its heat so great that even a mere minute extra within the forge is enough to melt a marines power armor. It is from this forge that some of the chapters greatest weapons and relics have been produced, its heat rumored to summon the very demons of hell into its metal. It is also within this burning hell that the chapters most venerable dreadnoughts are kept, being personally over watched by the Greymane.


The Helgafjell's Librarius.

The Helgafjell's Librarius is a salvation for those who prefer to stay away from the drunken warriors who call themselves the emperor's finest. As some would say, this is the only place in the entire fortress monastry where one can find peace and quiet, and for those who would dare bring noise and banter to the Librarius are met with a quick and painful punishment from the chapters Rune Priests. This mighty hall is covered in head to toe with hundreds if not thousands of tomes and encyclopedia's ranging from the history of Nilhiem, to the greatest saga's of the chapter, to even the biological breakdown of the Friorhol's most terrifying creatures.


The Helgafjell's Scriptorium.

The Helgafjell's Scriptorium is where dozens of the Chapters Serfs, clad in their formal red robes painstakingly hand write everything that will be eventually placed within the chapters Librarius. Unlike other Imperial Organizations or even Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes who prefer to place the info that will be locked into the Librarius onto data-slates or into a super-comuters massive data banks, the Abyss Stalkers keep true to the ways of old and keep all this ancient knowledge within beautifully bound tomes. It is because of this reason that the Helgafjell's Librarius is constantly expanding.

Throne Room

The Throne of the High King.

By far the largest room found within the Helgafjell's many halls, the Throne Room is where the High King can be found and from where he unleashes all the chapters commands. Hundreds sometimes even thousands of Serfs walk in and out of this room daily, collecting and reciting the words and orders of the chapters most wisest warrior. This is also the room where the High King unleashes his punishments upon those in the chapter who have disgraced them, which can range anywhere from a timed banishment from the chapter into the Deathwatch to bloody fights to the death where the High King gives the traitor one last glimpse of the light of the Emperor before meeting his judgement.

Chapter Holdings

Chapter Recruitment

The Great Pilgrimage

It is the sacred duty of the Speakers of the Dead to comb though the lands of Niflhiem, to find those who could potientially become a Angel of Death. Whenever rumors of a clash of clans or of major wars, the Speakers of the Dead send hordes of Servo Skulls to observe and watch over the battle. If one was to stand out then the Speaker leaves the Fortress Monastery and approaches the warrior usually late at night, and tells them of their true purpose. To leave their home, and to travel far away to the lands of myth.

It is then the Speaker of the Dead leaves the young man, who must then make the many months long trip to the Helgafjell. This is known as the Great Pilgrimage, and it is the duty of the young man to leave  with haste, usually not even having enough time to say goodbye. Though rare, sometimes these travelers will meet up and form groups to increase their chances of survival.

The Gate of Morkai

The Helgafjell's replica Gates of Morkai

Based off the sacred trial that the space wolves hold, the Abyss Stalkers make new aspirants go through a similar event which they to call the Gate of Morkai. While making a perfect replica of the Gates that are found within the fang are impossible, the Abyss Stalkers have made their best attempts. Once arriving at the Helgafjell the young men are brought deep with it's many metal hallways, to its core. It is here where the gates sits, and just like their gene-fathers the Abyss Stalkers Rune Priests use it to rip and tear at the initiates minds, attempting to drive them insane. Those who pass are then sent to the chapters Speakers of the Dead to attempt the Test of Morkai, and those who fail are transformed into Servitors.

The Test of Morkai

The Test of Morkai is another of tradition past down by the Abyss Stalkers gene-fathers the Space Wolves. During this test the aspirants are brought into the chapters Reclusiam to consume the Canis Helix. This gene-seed unlike the others is kept here as a ancient relic from their gene-fathers, as this gene-seed is the most important one for the chapter, for without the Canis Helix none of the chapters other gene-seed would activate.

Unlike the Cup that the space wolves have the Abyss Stalkers consume the Canis Helix from a Great Horn. Unlike many of the Relics the Abyss Stalkers have obtained the origin of this Great Horn is relatively unknown. Rumors are that it was the horn of a the planets greatest Wyvern, torn from its skull forcibly by the chapters High King and used to gut the beast. Though this rumor is greatly accepted by the chapter, the High King is to yet accept the story.

After drinking from the sacred horn the aspirants are dropped within the most dangerous region on Niflhiem, the Kraken Isles. Here in this land even viscous to the already hardy people of Niflhiem makes the perfect training grounds for the recruits. It is also here that the recruits get their first experience with the Canis Helix and the curse that comes with it. If the aspirants were to lose themselves in the blood filled rage that comes with the Canis helix then the aspirant will become a beast that is known as a Wulfen. If a aspirant survives in the Kraken Isles for a month then they are brought back to the Fortress Monastery to begin the trials that grant them their remaining gene-seed.

Trials of the Gods

After an aspriants body has accepted the Canis Helix, they are ready the have the rest of the chapters holy gene-seed implanted into their body. Though unlike normal chapters whos aspirants spend years inside training rooms and learning the chapters doctrines the Abyss Stalkers send their aspirants on a number of "trials".

Before aspirants can begin these trials they must first be shipped off world to a specially assigned member of the Speakers of the Dead. This member is a master of watching over the chapters recruits, having spent almost a Terran century completing this task. To meet up with this Speaker of the Dead the aspirants are sent to the nearest Imperial Navy ship via drop ship. It is from here the Aspirants will work for as nothing more then a Ratting as payment for the Imperial Navy vessel giving them passage to the Speaker of the Deads personal escort-class vessel, this process usually takes no more then a Terran month, and only happens once every 3 Terran years.

Once they meet up with the Speaker of the Dead the trials truly begin. These trials include the aspirants being dropped on one of the many hostile environments found on Friorhols many imperial worlds, these can range from a Death Worlds deserts to a Hive Cities underhives. These trials last for around 2 Terran years and before being deployed in these unfamiliar and hostile territories the aspirants are implanted with a simple monitoring chip, this is to keep a eye on the aspirants vitals and to keep the location of the aspirants known to the Speaker of the Dead at all times. During the trials the aspirant will be occasionally kidnapped to have one of the gene-seeds implanted inside of them.

This system of implantation and testing is to not only to teach the Aspirant how to battle in various battlegrounds but to also give the Aspirants the time and experience needed to fully learn how to utilize their newly implanted gene-seed.

After surviving 5 trials the surviving aspirants are sent back to Niflhiem were a great feast is prepared for the newly inducted members of the chapter. Before the aspirant may attend the feast though they are taken deep into the Helgafjell were the final gene-seed is implanted, the Black Carapace. After this final gene-seed the Aspirant may finally call themselves a kinsman of the chapter and are placed within one of the Great Companies Assault Intercessor clans.

Trials of Russ

The final trial for the newly inducted members of the chapter is known as the Trials of Russ. While these trials aren't designed in anyway to mentally or psychically strain the new kinsmen, it is meant to build a bond between these new brothers and the brother of the chapters old. These trials are based off those the chapters Primarch Leman Russ gave to the Emperor when he came to Fenris.

  • The first of the trials involves the new Kinsmen to feast with their new clansmen. It is here that they will now only hear the sagas of their brothers but also tell the tales of their trials.
  • The second trial is one that almost every member of the chapter looks forwards to. This trial entails that the new Kinsmen drink alongside their new brothers. This results in many of the chapter becoming completely hammered and past out drunk.
  • The final of these trials is perhaps the most important as it puts the new Kinsmen into their place. This trial includes each new Kinsmen to go into a one on one fist fight with their Jarl. It is said that this fight creates a unbreakable bond between Kinsmen and Jarl, just as it did between Leman Russ and The Emperor.

Chapter Organisation

Great Companies

Symbol of the Engilltaka

  • Engilltaka (Angels of Death): A weird manta, the High Kings personal Great Company is simply known as the Engilltaka, which is low gothic for Angels of Death. It is within this Great Company that the chapters most prodigal aspirants are chosen to be part of the most legendary company that chapter has to hold. To face the Engilltaka is to face the very wraith of Leman Russ himself, to face the burning fist of the Emperor's judgement, to face the Emperor's Executioners. It is this Great Company that bears the Chapters symbol, the symbol depicts the Wulfentime when Morkai will break from his imprisonment cursed upon him by Reman Russ and devour all known light in the galaxy, bringing the end of all.

Symbol of the Sølvräv

  • Sølvräv (Silver Foxes): The Silver Foxes are the Abyss Stalkers second Great Company and make the greatest use of the Vanguard Primaris Marines out of all the great companies. Unlike the other Great Companies Kinsmen who start their careers as Assault Intercessors those in the Sølvräv begin as the mythical Náttatönn, proceeding into a Leynask once they have learned to control the Canis Helix. The icon and name sake of the Sølvräv is that of the Silver Fox, a mythical beast of Niflhiem that has elude its many hunters for generations, only ever being seen never hit. It is from this myth the Great Company swears by, to never be seen, to be only a shadow, and if found, to never be hit or let anyone leave alive.

Symbol of the Hræsvelgr

  • Hræsvelgr (Corpse Swallowers): The Corpse Swallowers are the Abyss Stalkers 3rd Great Company, specializing in the art of Planetary Bombardments. For this Great Company their is nothing more glorious then seeing a battlefields skies covered in mighty drop pods and blacked from the smoke of Jump Packs. Kinsmen from this Great Company are known to hold very little in regards of their own safety, throwing caution to the wind if it means they can drop upon the enemy and tear it apart in close quarter combat. For them the skies are not a limit, but another tool they must utilize to purge the galaxy from those that may attempt to harm the Imperium of Mankind.
  • Mjölnir (The Hammers):
  • Gungnir (Holy Spears):
  • Aesir (Gods Among Man):
  • Jörmungandr (World Serpeants):
  • Hildisvini (Great Boars):
  • Ulfheðnar (The Wolf Born):
  • Surtur (Fire Giants):
  • Ragnarok (End of Days):
  • Einherjar (Army of One):
  • Draugr (The Undead):

Great Company Banners

Found deep within the Helgafjell is the High Kings Throne Room, this impressive room is filled with the Chapters most impressive trophies, to be within the room is to be stepping into the realm of gods themselves. Hanging above the room though is the many banners of the Jarls of the past and present.

Whenever a Jarl dies and a Great Companies Thanes elect a new one, it his duty to take up the mantle of the Great Company, but to also have a mighty banner based of his Saga. It is this banner that the Great Company Ancient holds proudly upon the battlefield, a testimony to the enemies of the Imperium of the Jarls might. Though no Jarl can live forever and upon his death and tradition funeral his body is burnt within the Greatest Forge found within the Helgafjell, so that his spirit may fuel and empower the weapons that are sent forth from it; and his mighty Banner is hung high above on the ceiling of the Throne Room, as a reminder of the Jarl's great saga.

Chapter of a Thousand Names

Unlike many of the chapters within the Adeptus Astartes who have long ditched the language of their homeworld in replacement of that of High Gothic, saved for curses or inner speaking; The Abyss Stalkers have instead dropped the language of High Gothic, speaking it only when needed in favor of the Tongue of their homeworld. Because of this much of the Abyss Stalkers organization seems like a jumbled mess to outsiders and the chapter even more so.

Specialist Ranks

  • Jarl (Ierl): The Abyss Stalkers variant of the Standard Space Marine Captain
  • High King (Hárgramr): The title of High King is the same as the Standard Space Marine Chapter Master or the Space Wolves Great Wolf.
  • Huscarl (Húskarl): Though Huscarls serve a similar purpose to that of the Space Marine Lieutenant they are actually based of the Space Wolves Battle Leader and are chosen from the elite rank of the Thane, hand chosen by the Jarl for their bravery and skill on the battlefield.
  • Chieftain (Formaðr): A Chieftain is a hand picked warrior that is assigned to lead one of the Great Companies clans.

Icon of the Speakers of the Dead

  • Speakers of the Dead (Høyttaler Av De Død): The Speakers of the Dead are the ancient title granted to the Space Wolves Legion for their Wolf Priests and is now adopted by the Abyss Stalkers who use the same name. Combining the roles of a Chaplain and Apothecary, these mythical warriors not only keeping the chapters own culture alive, but also the culture of the ancient Space Wolf Legion. It is also their sworn duty to retrieve the gene-seed out of fallen their Kinsmen.
  • Bloodhowler (Dreyriýla): The highest ranking officer of the Speakers of the Dead is known simply as the Bloodhowler. As the name implies the Bloodhowler is treated as a extremely high ranking officer in the chapter, being the right hand of the High King himself.
  • Judicar (Herlið): The Niflan word for force, and the chapters name for the Primaris Judicar while also combining the role of the ancient Consul-Opsequiari, executing young marines that start to succumb to the pure madness and blood lust that the Canis Helix brings with it.

The sacred symbol of the Sverdhjera

  • Techmarine (Sverdhjera): Sverdhjera is the Niflan word for Blademaster, which of whom act as the chapters Techmarines.
  • Greymane (Grármön): The Grármön is the chapters most experienced Techmarine, being the same rank as a Master of the Forge in other chapters.
  • Techmarine Novitiate (Ungrmálmr): To become a Sverdhjera a marine must make the Pilgrimage to Mars and learn the sacred chants and traditions of the Adeptus Mechanicus. But such a Pilgrimage is something a chapter cannot constantly supply, shipping off these Ungrmálmr once every three solar decades in bulk to learn the ways of the Machine God. Ungrmálmr are chosen from the ranks of the Villmann Blod early in their days of the chapter. These Ungrmálmr then learn the most basic rituals of the Adeptus Mechanicus from the Grármön, and pilot the chapters many battle tanks and aircraft until they too can make the journey to Mars. Ungrmálmr are identified by the right arm of their power armor being painted red, a sign of them being touched by the Omnissiah. Traditionally each clan would, it is his sacred duty to pilot the clans vehicle into battle.
  • Rune Priest (Rún Papi): Like all astartes chapters, the Abyss Stalkers keep a Librarium in tack to supply the chapter with potent psykers. Unusual The Abyss Stalkers have gifted their psychic able warriors with the title of Rune Priest like their gene-fathers the Space Wolves. Though unlike their gene-fathers the Abyss Stalkers Rune Priests follow a more structure ranking system, with newly adapted members of the Librarius being named Rune Skald, and more experienced psykers Rune Priests.
  • Rune Skald (Rún Skáld): The lowest rank of Rune Priest, a Rune Skald is equivalent to a Codex Chapters Lexicanium. Not assigned to a Great Company, these priests spend all their time within with the Helgafjells Librarium learning how to channel their psyker powers into powerful runic magics. It is also the task of Rune Skalds to study the battles of the chapters pass so they one day can become master tacticians and create perfectly crafted battleplans for their assigned Jarls. Unlike most other Abyss Stalker Marines the Rune Skalds do not wear power armor or carry weapons inside the Helgafjell, only donning them when they are attached to strike teams.

Icon of the Rune Priests

  • Rune Priest (Rún Papi): Within the Abyss Stalkers chapter the rank of Codicier does not exist, instead each Great Company is assigned a singular Rune Master who will then choose from the flock of Rune Skald a singular apprentice. The manner of how a Rune Master chooses their apprentice differs from Rune Master to Rune Master, some wanting a display of psychic ability, while others prefer to see their effectiveness while in combat. Whatever the way, once a Rune Master has chosen a Rune Skald as his apprentice they perform a ritual of bonding, during which the Rune Skald swears his loyalties to his Rune Master and to the Jarl, as tradition this ritual always ends in a sparring match between the Master and the Skald. It is common during this spar for the Rune Master to scar his apprentice in some way. Seen as barbaric by other chapters due to its savage nature, this battle does nothing but build the bond between master and apprentice. After their spar the Rune Skald is gifted a newly made suit of ice blue power armor, it's color a sign of respect to their magic's origin of Fenris. This suit of power armor then becomes the canvas for the Rune Skald to write his Saga and the Sagas of the heroes around him, and the final of the Primaris Gene-seed are implanted. It is then the Rune Master announces the Rune Skald as a Rune Priest. Among his Great Company, a Rune Priests duties include writing the sagas of the great company and during combat to act as a front line psyker.

Icon of the Rune Masters

  • Rune Master (Rún Herre): Powerful psykers, the Rune Masters of the Chapter are equivalent to Epistolaries. Over a Rune Masters service, he may have had over a dozen different Rune Priest apprentices, who usually die on the battlefield casting potent psychic powers alongside their battle-brothers. Unlike the Rune Priests, Rune Masters care not for the taste of close-quarters combat anymore and instead prefer to take time and cast powerful runic magics. Sitting alongside their assigned Jarls, the Rune Masters are their most trusted advisors, for the Rune Masters are masters of war, having every battle the great company has ever been apart of engulfed in their minds. Unlike the psykers of other Chapters, Rune Masters don't spend their time studying the ancient lore of the chapter, such duties are the tasks of the Skalds, instead, Rune Masters spend all their time studying battles the chapter has taken part in and spend many hours in combat simulators, for within the chapter none can come up with a plan that outperforms even the simplest of the Rune Masters.

    Abyss Stalker Rune Priest

    Advancing to the rank of Rune Master is not as simple as that of Rune Priest, for the Rune Master cannot be chosen from a flock such as the Rune Skalds. Instead once a Great Companies Rune Master dies in combat his apprentice arises and takes places as the new Rune Master, and such choose his own apprentice. Rune Masters are not given new suits of power armor. Instead, the armor of the pervious Rune Master is passed down to the new successor, it is rumored among the chapter that the many layers of runes written on the armor from all its past inhabitants grant it's psychic might. Most Rune Masters are accompanied into battle by a cybernetic animal familiar and a small host of specially made servitors, these servitors who are crafted from dead Rune Skalds are programmed and equipped to draw the complex rune scriptures beneath the Rune Masters feet so that he can cast the most powerful of the runic magics

Icon of the Rune Lords

  • Rune Lord (Rún þengill): The highest-ranking of the Rune Priests, the Rune Lord is equivalent to a Chief Librarian found within a Codex Chapters. Since the chapter's founding, it has only a singular Rune Lord, known as Ingolf Dragonmane. Many months of Ingolf's life has been reading the ancient tablets and saga's of the Space Wolves, the chapters gene-fathers, and through his intense studies the Abyss Stalkers have resurfaced the ancient art of Rune Circles; a art that requires drawing complex symbols into the ground with chalk that allows the priest to influence the warp in ways not seen since the Great Crusade, it is for this reason the chapter has created a specaility type of servitor to create these circles for the priests. Unlike his other Rune Priest brothers, Ingolf barely ever leaves the Helgafjell's Librarius, instead, he spends much of his time teaching the chapters Rune Skalds ancient lost and forgotten fenrisian runic magic.
  • Battle Wulfen (Guðrvaldr)- The curse of the wulfen is something that flows through all the Astartes of the Abyss Stalkers chapter, so is their fate. For those who accept the gene-seed of Leman Russ also accept this foul beast, though once a feared by its parent chapter the Space Wolves the newly improved Primaris Gene-seed has effected the Canis Helix in a strange way. With a strong enough mental fortitude some Astartes of the chapter have been able to enjoy the full power of the Wulfen while retaining some level of intelligence, these are known as Battle Wulfen to the chapter. While still savage beasts, those who have been assigned to the 13th Cursed Company as a Battle Wulfen still have a chance to bring glory in the holy Emperor and Russ's names, unlike their fully turned brothers who are dissected at the hopes that one day the chapter will have full control on the Canis Helix. Equipped with specially crafted power armor, the battle wulfen are equipped with mighty axes and thunder hammers that only a being of their size could wield with such ferocity.

Close Support Clans

  • Assault Intercessor (Villmann Blod ): The Niflanian word for Savage Blood, this is the title given to the chapters many Assault Intercessor Clans. Unlike other chapters of Adeptus Astartes who use Assault Intercessors purely as a Close Support role, the role of the Villmann Blod is much more unique. The Canis Helix is a curse that effects all members of the chapter and those who are young and have not learned how to control the inner beast it brings forth are not able to be placed within a more tactical role. As a easy answer to this inner Savagery the chapter has thought to better use this inner rage and sends its Villmann Blod forth upon the enemy, breaking the chapters Vanguard and rushing headstrong into battle, those who survive such battles have been tempered by the flames of war and have mastered the control of its inner Wulfen.
  • Inceptors (Flaugunmóðr): Even though the years within the Assault Intercessor clans is enough to when out the pure savage rage of the Canis Helix their are those who still prefer the feel of close quarter combat. Equipped with the mighty Mk.X Gravis Armor and a powerful jump pack these marines are placed within a Inceptor clan. It is here that they may once again have a taste for close quarter combat, but instead of having a chainsword to cleave through the enemy they are equipped with might assault bolters who tear through the feeble flesh of the heretic and xeno alike.
  • Incursor (Náttatönn): The Abyss Stalkers Incursors are named after the Niflanian word for Night Tooth. These warriors are usually a Great Companies Assault Intercessors when they must don on Phobos Armour. Though in the 2nd Company the entirety of its assaults intercessors permanently don Phobos armor and so are Incursors
  • Reiver (Illt): Their are those within the chapter who seek nothing but to bring terror and fear upon the enemy. These marines are quickly picked out of their fellow clansmen by their solitary nature and unnecessary use of force and fear when infiltrating the enemy. Unlike the other roles within the chapter which are hand picked by their Jarls, it is that of the Reiver that is found within every Great Company.
  • Hounds of Morkai: Even within the veil and evil ranks of the Reivers their are those who's hearts have dried and died many years ago, who very being mimics that of the old fenris god Morkai. This Reivers are simply known as the Hounds of Morkai, and upon the battlefield they seek only one thing, pure unrelenting terror.
  • Outrider Biker (Skjót-fœri): Just like those of the Inceptor Squads, their are marines who still carve the rush of combat even after their years as a Assault Intercessor. Though unlike their Inceptor brothers, those who are assigned to the Outrider Biker squads seek only one thing, speed. For these marines the rush of the bike and its speed is the only thing they care about, and they'll do anything to get behind the handles of their bikes again.

Battleline Clans

  • Intercessors (Seggrburin):
  • Heavy Intercessors:
  • Infiltrator (Leynask): The Leynask is the name the Abyss Stalkers have given to the Infiltrator clan. Though every member of the Abyss Stalkers have found themselves part of a Infiltrator squad their is no great company that has used them more efficiently then the 2nd Great Company, who are the only great company to have active Infiltrator squads at ready at all times, unlike the other Great Companies that use them when needed.

Fire Support Clans

Aggressors: Eliminator: Hellblasters: Long Fangs: Suppressors:


  • Thane: Thanes are the Abyss Stalkers variant of the standard Space Wolves Wolf Guard, and so are the most elite soldiers of each Great Company. They are hand chosen by their Jarl's Huscarls for great deeds performed upon the battlefield and it is in the hands of the Thanes that they trusts their lives, marching upon the battlefield as their bodyguards. Each Thane clan is specially tailored to the Huscarl to be their elite warriors. The Jarl's thanes have a special title that stems back to the times of Russ, these thanes are known as the Varagyr. These mighty warriors of the great company are chosen in a similar way by the Jarl, and unlike the thanes of the Huscarls who are equipped by the lieges choosing, the Varagyr are equipped similarly to the Bladeguard Veterans, carrying massive storm shields and mastercraft powersword to protect and serve their Jarl in battle. The leader of a Thane Clan is known as a Mikla Formaðr, or great Chieftain.
  • Standard Bearer: One of the most prestigeous roles within the chapter, it is the sworn duty of the Jarls choosen to bear the great companies standard upon the battlefield, its design and presence a constant reminder their clansmen of who they are and what they fight for. This duty is so sacred that loosing the standard or allowing it to fall in combat is enough to have the marine excuted by the chapters Speakers of the Dead.
  • Terminators: Given to them from the ancient armoury of the Space Wolves, and looted from the fallen foes the Abyss Stalkers have a small but humble amount of these warsuits. Broken down and resized, these suits of terminator armor are able to be worn by the ranks of the Primaris Marines.

Deathsworn: Once it was believed that with the arrival of Cawls newest space marines and there newly improved Gene-Seed that the curse that had plagued the blood of the Sons of Russ would too be removed. But only decades after the release of the awoken its truth was revealed, Cawl had done nothing to suppress the Curse of the Wulfen and so the Abyss Stalkers like all Sons of Russ would one day fall into the clutches of Morkai. Normally when the Curse overtakes a marine it transforms them into the grotesque creature known as a Wulfen, but within there chapter their are those who have the raw willpower or even stubbornness to halt/slow down the spread of the Curse. While saving their mortal bodies for a unknown time these warriors lose all humanity that once existed, becoming brutal monsters capable of only war, it is these brutal warriors from which the Deathsworn are recruited from, and it these warriors that make the most elite fighters of the chapter.

When not in combat the Deathsworn are kept hidden within the Fortress Monastery, in a location only known to the Chapters Speakers of the Dead. It is here that they lay motionless in status inside humanoid containment tubes that minster both the needed nutrients to keep the marine alive but also suppression's to keep them in status. It is a dark day for the chapter when these warriors are awoken and released upon the chapters enemies. Great Company Ancients: Great Company Champions: Lone Wolf:

Non-Astartes Personal


Specialist Formations

Order of Battle

Great Company Order of Battle

Power of the Clans

The Abyss Stalkers do not organize themselves into squads or into packs, instead they organize themselves into a number of clans. Members of a clan will eat, sleep, and train with each other. This creates a tight kinship between the battle-brothers, and even though one day they may be shifted to another clan once they have proved themselves they will never loose that kinship that was once forged.

Within the Throne Room of the Helgafjell, not only are the ancient Banners of both Jarls new and old hung, but also the ancient Great Shields. These shields, the size of a imperial rhino are not only decorated with the heraldry of it's Great Company, but also the markings of all the Great Companies clans.

Great Company Lodges

A term similar to that of the Codex's Demi-Company. Each Great Company is split into two Lodges, each being under the direct control by one of the Jarl's Huscarls. Unlike a Codex's Demi-Company that comes into effect when needed the Great Company Lodges never dissipate and are instead a part of the chapters formal organization. The purpose of each lodge is to further increase the power of a great company, by splitting its own core way of fighting into two more tactical options. An example of this is within the 6th Great Company the Aesir, who are well known for their tactical middle ground. One of the lodges acts and serves as a Vanguard force, commanding the Great Companies Assault Intercessors and 2 Clans of Intercessors equipped with Assault Rifles to act as rapid attack force while the second lodge acts a back bone, laying new groundwork and constantly moving the line while the Vanguard takes action. This also relaxes the mental strain upon the Great Companies Jarl and Rune Master, as with 2 more purposed lodges he can more effectively give command to the Huscarls, entrusting them and their units to be masters of their art.

The Iron Wolf

Chapter Culture

Animals A Plenty

According to the myths of Niflhiem every creature and beast has a spirit upon which is useful to man if tamed and mastered. This same ideology carries through onto the Abyss Stalkers who have plenty of beasts that not only reside with the Helgafjell but also make bonds and kinships with the marines of the chapter.

  • Kisa- The Kisa is a massive feline that is most commonly found within the Helgafjell, its task is that to keep the dangerous and plague-ridden rodents of Niflhiem out of the Helgafjell in case they might true to infect the chapter serfs. Though they usually reside alone, some of those within the chapter find themselves making tight bonds with these stealthy creatures, most notably the 2nd Great Company. When young, these massive creatures are called Kis-Kis.
  • Valdr- The Valdr are the Fenrisian Wolves brought to the Abyss Stalkers by the Space Wolves, given to them so that they may share in the culture of their gene-fathers. Once given the Valdr made quick home to the many fields of Niflhiem, terrorizing and strengthing its people. Within the chapter it is not uncommon for a clansman to go out into the wilderness and wrestle the alpha of a pack to have its own kind follow them as a brother and alpha.

The Chant

The Abyss Stalkers feral and barbaric homeworld of Nilfhiem has led to some of its culture to seep into its ranks. One of the most notable of this additions are the fearsome warchants packs of the chapter sing when battle upon them. Instead of standing as silent warriors, intimidating the enemy with their presence the Abyss Stalkers prefer to slowly march toward the enemy chanting terrifying warchants. These warchants have become so imbued in the chapter that Great Company Ancients are usually equipped with various different archaic instruments such as horns and drums, so that they too can contribute to the chant.

The Blood Eagle

The Abyss Stalkers are well known for their gruesome methods of deteriorating an enemies morale. The chapters favorite method is simply known as the Blood Eagle.

The ritual began with the victim being placed into a prone position. The Astartes then uses his combat knife to carve the symbol of a eagle onto the victims back, a grim warning of events to come. Next the Astartes makes a slit down the victims back, snapping their ribs as he goes down, which are then pulled and stretched outwards to create a set of 'wings'. Finally the victims lungs are torn from their back and wrapped around the wings.

These mangled bodies litter the encampments that the Abyss Stalkers have been sent to. Some left to lie on the ground, and some draped around as sick reminders to the enemies of the Imperium of the fate of all heretics.

Chapter Belief

Chapter Gene-Seed

Primarch's Curse:

Gene Seed Flaws


  • Purple Eyes- Some marines found within the Abyss Stalkers suffer from a abnormality much like the pure-blooded cadians that changes the marines eyes to purple after a extend amount of time in the Warp. This in itself a mutation of the Canis Helix's natural ability to change ones eyes to yellow and only appears after a Marine has in some manner directly entered the warp, and so is a common way of marking a Veteran among the chapter.

Deathwatch Service

Chapter Psychic Powers

Notable Members

Rune Master Authun Ljósbrandr obliterating a Heretic Astartes

  • Authun Ljósbrandr- Authun was raised upon the ancient and traditional arts of Niflhiem Rune Wards, which allow a user to channel the energies of the warp in a safer manner. With these ancient arts Authun quickly arose within the Abyss Stalkers librarus ranks, even being the first to purpose the idea of specially designed Servitors for the purpose of drawing these rune wards and circles. His specialization with these runes has even earned Authun the title of Rune Smith, and is entrusted with the teaching of this ancient art to every new Rune Skald the chapter obtains. In terms of power, Authun is actually lower then the average psyker, but due to his expertise with the power of the rune circles he has been able to even best the Rune Lord, the mightiest psyker in the chapter.

Speaker of the Dead Dreadnought Byrnjolf

  • Byrnjolf Daggerfist - High Wolf Priest, Honorary Wolf Priest Dreadnought. Among the huge ship metal walls of Morkai's Retribution there lies an ancient warrior, waiting for the days when his wisdom may be used. Or the day when he can once again fight as he did in the days of old - the Honoured Ancient known as Byrnjolf Daggerfist. Within the annals of the Abyss Stalkers Space Marine Chapter, this venerable warriors has forged a formidable legend within the Chapter's sagas, whose stories are told on feast days and to aspiring Neophytes.

Jarl Haegr Illrlæ

  • Haegr Illrlæ- The Jarl of the Abyss Stalkers 9th Great Company, the Ulfheðnar. Among his brothers of Jarls, Haegr is seen as a savage barbarian, clutching the old ways of the Space Wolves even despite Vidar's intentions. Going as far as to teach his kinsmen that the curse of the wulfen is not something to be ashamed off, but instead a power that they are obligde to use. Haegr was one of many that were part of Guillimans batch of Primaris marines, being one of the only to feel and succumb to the beast inside him, known as the wulfen. It was this initial draw of power that drew him to eventually teach those under his command how to draw out its intense power. Because of how he clenches to the ways of old it is not uncommon for Haegr to get into verbal, even sometimes physical fights with his fellow Jarl, who he calls traitors of the old ways. For his knowledge of the old ways of Fenris and his utter stubbornness to change, Haegr has been named the chapters Master of Rites.

Rune Master Harold Stormsight

  • Harold Stormsight- Assigned to the Ulfheðnar, Harold Stormsight is known to be nothing less then a beast upon the battlefield. Wielding the raw powers of nature, Harold is always seeking out a fight, fighting alongside the muck of the company. Harolds raw taste for combat is so great that it is said that upon the battlefield sparks launch off his power armor, making him look even more like a daemon seeking out his next prey. Out of all the viscous powers of nature, Harolds favourite is that of lightning, its ability to seek and quickly take out a enemy in the blink of a eye matches Harolds personality to a tee. Because of his savage nature none except the Jarl himself and the Companies Assault Intercessor dare stand upon the battlefield alongside him, in fear that his raw power might rebuke in his enteral bloodthirst.

Speaker of the Dead, Kjarl marching through the fires of war

  • Kjarl Frostkráka- Being part of the 10th Great Company, their is nothing more that Kjarl loves then monstrous sound of a multi-melta, and the heat that resonates of its little cousins barrel. He is often seen marching behind one of the companies many Eradicators squads, reciting ancient chants in hopes that the very spirits of hell may bless these destructive weapons. Due to his unending love for these types of weapons, Kjarl has placed it upon himself to bless every one of the great companies melta's, and has memorized the saga that each carries, punishing any who dare disrespect them. To this end, some within the chapter have named the melta's of the 10th Great Company, Kjarl-pattern for the almost unmatched effectiveness. Some have even claimed that when left untouched in the companies Armory they can hear the weapons whining, hoping for the day they may once again destroy the enemies of the Imperium.

Speaker of the Dead Rurik Grármön

  • Rurik Grármön- Rurik is the youngest battle-brother to ever rise to the rank of Speaker of the Dead within the chapter, and such a decision was one that the elders of the chapter resent. From a far it would have seemed impossible for Rurik to ever achieve, his personality being one of hopeful youngster then the rigid death aura that the Speakers of the Dead had become famed for. Whenever pressed for this decision, Vidar only points them to read the engravings upon Rurik's mastercrafted power axe, Hjálmrlemja, which reads, "Bróðir ævi". Which is Niflheimian for "Brothers Forever". Rurik received this axe as a gift from his long friend Halfdor, a Iron Priest. Two had alongside Ruriks squad had become left behind on a savage death world during the Friorhol Crusade due to their drop pod getting shot off course and into the planets thick jungles. From reports of his fellow clansmen, it was the morale and hopefulness of Rurik that allowed them to keep fighting and not lose hope for the almost five years they became stranded. After being rescued Halfdor spent nearly a year perfecting the weapon as thanks for saving his life, and it was this act that allowed the immature warrior to have the chance to rise to the rank of Speaker of the Dead. While his peers use intimidation and fear to command the will to fight, Rurik uses his unmatched charisma and urge to fight to rile up his brothers into a berserk rage.

Huscarl Sigmund Dragonarm

  • Sigmund Drekiarmr - When the Abyss Stalkers chapter was first founded, Sigmund was part of a standard Intercessor Squad of the Aesir Great Company. Being born as one of Guilliman and Cawls countless awoken Primaris Marines, Sigmund served within the Indomitus Crusade for over seven decades, during which time he learned how to operate and rely upon himself, and the power of his squad. Instead of using the raw power of melta or plasma weaponry like the chapters Hellblasters and Eradicators, Sigmund preferred the role of fire suppression, using the hail of bullets released from his bolt rifle to lock down and protect his allies. This was only truly realized when Sigmund eventually became the chieftain of his own clan, adding in the bolt rifles of his clansmen to transform his power from a hail of bolts to a hurricane. During the event known as the Friorhol Crusade, the Aesirs were tasked with the recapturing of the Imperial Planet Flan-520B. Though the initial battle was easy, Sigmund's Jarl found himself surrounded by the grotesque insect-like xeno’s that had called the planet home and diminished its human population. Without a thought Sigmund and his Squad rushed in, blasting a unrelenting fury of bolt shells until their very guns, glowing with the heat of almost an hour of constant shooting, finally spent its last bolt taking down the last of the foul xeno horde. It was this deed of selflessness that caught the eye of the Jarl, and he was quickly elected to become one his personal Thanes. Following only a few years Sigmunds eye for suppression and the locking down battlefields allowed him to become one of the Huscarls of the Great Company, acting as a personal advisor to the Jarl.

Terminator Chieftain Sten Stalkers

  • Sten Knúignesta - Sten is the chieftain the first great companies Terminator clan. He has held this position since the chapter first obtained these suits of armour. A master of battle, Sten was originally one of the awoken primaris, assigned to a Aggressor squad. When the chapter was given their original batch of Terminator armor from the Space Wolves, Sten found quick home within its shell. Using the might of a storm shield and a thunder hammer Sten acts a unstoppable bulwack against anyone that may attempt to cause harm to himself or those he has sworn his life too. Because of Sten's veterancy Vidar Farseer has given him the honor of deciding if a marine is worth of the Crux Terminatus, and is responsible for the training of newly inducted Terminators. Because of this position Sten only goes to war with the chapters most elite, save those of the Varagyr. Sten and his clan of fellow terminators act as the ultimate hammer within the chapter, leaving those who are unfortunate enough to face them into a mess of bits and guts.
  • Urki Daemonbane -

High King Vidar Farseer, lord of the Abyss Stalkers Chapter

  • Vidar Farseer- The chapter master of the Abyss Stalkers chapter, he has ruled the chapter since their founding at the end of the Ultima Founding. Vidar has been described as old and wise wolf, who has successfully trained himself to surpess the inner daemon, the wulfen inside of himself, and it this suppression that he tries to teach the younglings of the chapter. Because of his wise and calculated nature, Dante the chapter master of the blood angels assigned him to be the chapter master of the chapter and was given the responsibility of bringing the Friorhol Sector back into Imperial compliance. Though old in age, Vidars spirit is as strong and powerful as that of a newly inducted clansmen, and it is this spirit that allows him to raise and fortify the morale and loyalty of his chapter. Equipped in mighty Gravis armor Vidar hulks over his fellow clansmen and the jarls of the chapter, and has often been caught even engaging in small scraps with such people, claiming that he just putting them into their place. When not preparing the chapter for war or training the chapters recruits Vidar can be commonly found resting upon his throne, Ale in one hand and song in his heart, singing proudfully drunken songs of the chapters deeds.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Shoulder Trim Colors of the Great Companies

Abyss Stalker Helmet Markings according to rank

Chapter Badge

Great Company Badges

Icons of the Abyss Stalker Great Companies

Crusade Badges

Great Company Honour Markings

Chapter Fleet

Being part of the legendary Astartes Praeses, the Abyss Stalkers face the horrors of the Eye of Terror directly, resulting in them being caught in a constant battle against chaos. To help them in their constant battle, the Abyss Stalkers have not only been granted permission to have ships that would usually fall under the control of the imperial navy but also keep a maintained fleet that is larger than most non-fleet based chapters.

Because of the Chapter's use of their gene-fathers Great Company structure, which allows each Great company to operate as separate forces from the chapter, the chapter has assigned each company its own personal mini fleet, so that it can complete any task it is given.

Battle Barges One can never know when the terrors of chaos may come forth from the eye, and assigning such a powerful vessel to a single great company. Instead, the chapter keeps these insanely powerful ships in reserve around the chapters homeworld, being released to wreak havoc when the situation needs it. The chapter keeps an outstanding 5 battle barges in reserve.

Cruisers The Abyss Stalkers have a total of 16 cruiser class ships, ranging from the standard space marine cruiser to the dauntless-class light cruiser. Each one of the Abyss Stalkers Great Companies is equipped with a cruiser-class ship to act as the great companies flagship. The chapter also has 4 cruisers in reserve, just like its battle barges.

Escorts To act as support to the chapters larger vessels, the Abyss Stalkers keep a large inventory of escort-class ships. Keeping 12 Gladius Frigates, 12 Hunter Destroyers, and 5 Nova Frigates. Each Great Company is assigned 2 escort-class vessels to their personal fleets, having one Gladius and one Hunter Destroyer, with 5 Nova Frigates sitting in reserve at the chapters fortress-monastery. Though each Great Company has modified its assigned escorts to better suit the needs that the Great Company asks of them.

The Great Ships

Because of being part of the Astartes Praeses, the Abyss Stalkers are almost always under the attack of chaos, this has led to the chapter being needed in multiple systems at the same time. This rapid deployment system works well with the chapters 12 great companies, meaning that the chapter could be split up into many more strike forces than a Codex chapter. It is common for one of these Great Companies to be gathered in a system in preparation for an incoming attack, sent to directly deal with a threat (such as space hulk), or even to just be roaming on the edges of the Eye of Terror looking for a chance to test their blades again. So the chapter has assigned a ship of Cruiser ranking to each of the great companies, these ships are known to the chapter as Great Ships are usually better-equipped versions of already available imperial navy ships, and act as a great companies personal Fortress-Chapel and are equipped with all the basic systems a fortress-monastery is with (such as a miniature Librarius for Rune Priests, Reclusiam for Speekers of the Dead, and Forge for Blademasters to make repairs to vehicles while on campaign). Because of this, no two Great Ships are the same, as each Wolf Lord may have his own preference on not just naval warfare, but for strategic such as for the 2nd Great Companies Great Ship which has had most of its weaponry removed to increase its stealth capabilities. The only company that does not have a Great Ship is the cursed 13th Great Companies, who's wulfen units are attached to other companies as Auxillary units as needed. The current Great Ships are as follows:

  • Morkai's Retribution: This Overlord Class Battlecruiser is the personal Cruiser of the chapter master of the Abyss Stalker Vidar Farseer and the current flagship of the whole chapter. This is ship has been used by the chapter far longer than any other ships, having been gifted to them by Guilliman after their inception. Over his years of owning this vessel, Vidar has made the effort to replace the ships prow Torpedo systems with a set of prow-facing weapon batteries, to complement this new set of weapons, Vidar has also greatly increased the generator systems of the ship. The current captain of Morkai's Retribution is a Chapter Serf known as Gerhard Fehr, being granted this great honor for the great degree of piloting skill he showed during the Friorholian Crusade, where his leadership alone was able to his escort squadron alive when they fell under heavy attack from ork freebooters. His quick thinking of fleeing through an active minefield led to his squadron gaining a massive advantage, their small and quick vessels being able to dodge the mines, while the freebooters large and clunky vehicles smashed into almost any mine in its way. Though this plan led to the destruction of half of his squadron, it led to the destruction of the freebooters.
  • Sky Runner: This Dauntless Light Cruiser is the Flagship of the 2nd Great Company, the Sølvräv (Also known as the Silver Foxes in High Gothic). This ship was chosen for its quick speed and responsive maneuverability at high speeds. The ship's small profile already allowed the ship to be hard to detect before its enhancements by the Great Company, this enhancement was the removal of its prow weapons, instead of using the extra space as a location to implement multiple stealth machines. These machines include such technology as radar masking technology. These enhancements work perfectly for the great companies' battle doctrine, which has the heavy implementation of stealth tactics. This allows the great company to arrive at the scene of a mission unnoticed, allowing the enemy to only find out about there arrival when it's too late.
  • The Roc: Named after the mythical beast, this Strike Cruiser is the Flagship of the 3rd Company, the Hræsvelgr (Also known as Corpse Swallower in High Gothic). Being one of the only Great Companies to use the standard space marine strike cruiser, this great company cares not for a naval battle, instead of waiting eagerly for when they can once again breach orbit and invade the ground of an unsuspecting planet with the mighty roar of dozens of drop pods. Because of the great companies' heavy use of drop pods, this strike cruiser has been equipped to hold nearly double the amount of a regular strike cruiser.
  • The Emperors Fist: This Corinus-Class Grand Cruiser was a spoil of war when the chapter defeated the White Scar Khorne Warband known as the Sons of Khorne. After may months of purifying, the ship was passed as free of chaos taint. The Emperors Fist is the flagship of the 4th Great Company, the Mjölnir (Known as The Hammer in High Gothic). Taken by the great company for the raw amount of damage the ship can output, this ship is a great addition to the companies love for sieges and tank warfare. The great company hasn't made many additions to the ships, with its firepower able to compare to even the mightiest capital ships.
  • Speartip: An unusual name for a ship, this Avenger Grand Cruiser does just that as it says. It acts as a spearhead for the rest of the chapter, using its close-range broadside to engage in heavy naval combat. This is the flagship of the 5th Great Company, the Gungnir (Also known as the Holy Spear in High Gothic), this great company is famed for its efficiency in boarding operations. The great company is known to use the ships mighty firepower to demolish a ship before launching its many Caestus Assault Rams, equipped with the chapters many terminator suits, ready to destroy whoever cross there path. This ship is not equipped with any Thunderhawk transports like many other Astartes naval vessels instead, this ship has many Caestus Assault Rams and Drop pods, which they use to launch their boarding operations.
  • Spirit of The All-Father: The flagship of the 6th Company, the Aesir (Gods Among Man in High Gothic), this Space Marine Strike Cruiser was personally selected by the great companies Wolf Lord, Asgeir Icehowl to be his companies flagship. While mostly unremarkable when compared to some of the other great ships, Asger choose this ship for one reason, how it designed to be an all-purpose naval vessel. This flexibility with his ship allowed him to be on the front lines or in the vanguard when engaging in naval battles. This ship has served Asger for over a century and in that time it has blasted down countless heretics naval crafts.
  • The Swornblade: This Long Serpent-Class Battlecruiser is the flagship of the 7th Great Company, the Jörmungandr (Meaning World Serpent in High Gothic). It was chosen by the great company for its fast speed, which complemented the companies natural aptitude for speed. While on the surface of a planet this great company is famed for its heavy use of biker units, but in naval combat, they are famed for using this battlecruiser. The great company favors using the ship's intense engine to blast at extreme speeds at the enemy, before releasing a barrage of fire from its many weapon systems. Though the great company has made a slight adjustment to the vessel, removing its lance battery in favor of a number of torpedoes for a more intense flank.
  • Shield of Humanity: The Shield of Humanity is an Overlord-Class Battlecruiser and the flagship of the 8th Great Company, the Hildisvini (Known as the Great Boar in High Gothic). Though the Overlord-Class Battlecruiser already has powerful weapons, and a decent defense, the chapter has had the vessel modified to have even more defenses, efficiently turning the vessel into an indestructible weapon of death. Taking the blunt of enemy fire before unveiling its firepower at the enemy. Though these extra defenses led to the ship having to remove some weapon systems, though as time has proven again and again the extra defense is a great trade-off for the loss of some weapon systems.
  • Wrath of Russ: This Strike Cruiser is the pride and joy of the 9th Great Company, the Ulfheðnar (Meaning Wolf Born in High Gothic), and so is the Flagship of the Great Company. Being one of the only great companies with the standard strike cruiser, this great company cares not for naval warfare, using the ship to hunt down heretics from systems away. For with this great company, the hunt is life.
  • Star of Humanity: One of the smallest great ships, the Star of Humanity is an Endeavour Light Cruiser, used as the flagship of the 10th Great Company, the Surtur (Meaning Fire Giants in High Gothic). Unimpressed with naval combat, the wolf lord of great company prefers missions where he can bring the enemies of the imperium to the holy flame of the emperor, and so sees little entertainment in the theatre of space. Seeing the need for naval combat though, the great companies wolf lord has decreed this ship to be his flagship so that he may take the support role, using its speed to get behind enemies so that larger and more powerful ships can take them out.
  • Doombringer: While seen as unusual for the chapter, the flagship of the 11the Great Company, Ragnarok (Meaning the End of Days in High Gothic) is an Exorcist Grand Cruiser. It is no secret among the chapter that this company prefers to use melta weapons, and many see that using this outdated vessel is just a sign of the greats incompetence in naval warfare. In reality, the great company chose this cruiser for its large capacity of attack craft vessels, which are composed entirely of Shark Assault Boats, usually launching hundreds of these with skeleton crews just so the vessels melta-charges can cause heavy damage to the targeted ships hull.
  • Valkerie: The Valkerie is a Dominion-Class Battlecruiser used by the chapters final great company, the 12th great company, the Einherjar (Known as Army of One in High Gothic). This class of cruiser was chosen for its ability to be used in a wide array of scenarios, though the great company favors using large amounts of various attack craft so that they may sneak/blanket there heavier ships (such as thunderhawks), so that an enemy can never know where the majority of the power of the attack comes from. Perhaps the most skilled pilots in the chapter, this great company focuses heavily on naval combat, boasting many Stormwolfs and Stormfang Gunships. Its wolf lord being announced as the Master of the Fleets, the Valkerie is usually the main base of operations and the command vehicle of any naval battle it appears in.

Chapter Relics

  • Eye Of Morkai- This black eye with a yellow iris is the very eye Great Wolf Vidar ripped out during his Test of Morkai. It's kept in a preservation container and is kept in the Great Wolfs chamber, only brought out during times of war as it seems to enhance the psychic powers of any marine carrying it. Looking into the eye's reflects destruction and fire burning all around.
  • Skull of Morblak - This large orc skull was obtained after a battle against a chaos tainted orc boss on a warp planet. After the battle, it was taken as a trophy of victory but once brought to Helgafjell Rune Priests found it still emitted warp energy that causes those around it to fight even after death. After days of purifying, it was placed on top of the chapter's banner to give those around it even more power.


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Notable Quotes

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"He attack. He protect. But most importantly. He kill heretic." -Chieftan Alfton talking about his favorite Kisa, Snuffles

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"I always admire a Son of Russ who can put the fear of God into mankind's tyrannical foes. I'm confident that you all will prove yourselves in the years to come." -Executive Davidius Clarkeson of the Emperor's Liberators to an Abyss Stalker.

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