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Ab'bekar Nem-Til was a former High Warden of the now-extinct Ashen Drakes Space Marine Chapter.


The current High Warden is rather young, being only 110 years old. He was formerly the Warden of the 1st Company, a vaunted position achieved after an almost meteoric rise through the ranks of the Ashen Drakes. He has become the leader of his Chapter in 990.M41 when his predecessor was killed in action fighting the Orks. His youth makes him more blunt and direct than most of the older Ashen Drakes, but he genuinely cares about the well-being of the Imperium and its citizens, even if he is also somewhat more arrogant than usual in this Chapter. Centuries-old warriors among the Chapter assume that such a behavior will correct itself as he'll grow older.

Wearing the massive Tartaros Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour known as Drakescale, a cape made with the hide of a great Sand Manticora, armed with the mighty power-spear of the High Wardens and a deadly stormbolter, Ab'bekar intend to lead his Brothers through the resurgent throngs of demonkin plaguing the periphery of the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath in number as great as at the time of the first High Warden. By battling those foes, Ab'Bekar Nem-Til intend to show once and for all to the Imperium that his beloved Chapter and those which, founded during the 21st Founding, which have remained loyal throughout the centuries, aren't Cursed and deserve the same honors and trusts than Chapters from other Foundings.

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