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Veteran Sergeant Aaron Almando is the Sergeant of the Storm Zealots 2nd Company, 1st Assault Squad. Widely known for his reckless, hot headed, brutal, stern and yet insanely loyal to the chapter and his company. His village is destroyed during the Drukhari slave raids across Jeras, thus Almando fought back and was recruited by the Chaplain of the Storm Zealots 9th Company. He is selected alongside other aspirants and known for his ferocious brutal close combat ability. His brutality earned him hundred kill counts from an Ork Nobz to as experienced as veteran Shas'ui or Drukhari Incubi.


A second born to the 48th Jerasian Defenders Company instructor. Almando spent his early life defying his parents wishes and life a live of a ganger at the underground city of Tel Nazareth. At the age of 17 he is married to a noble lady of House Polensky and at the age of 18 they have a son. Almando leave his lowlife ganger and start a new life with his family as his redemption to the Emperor.

When the Drukhari slave raid wage across Jeras, Almando witness how his family he loved so much butchered by the Drukhari wyches. With fury in his heart, Almando fought the Eldar even manage to slay two Drukhari Warrior and an Incubi armed with only a chainsword he possess from his old life time as a young gang member. As he charge on the Drukhari Wych, drop-pods fell from the skies and a roaring Stormhawk Interceptor fly above him in formation. Almando witness how the mighty superhuman Space Marine butchered and gunned down every Drukhari raiders and their chapter serfs followed from behind freeing the captives as well as manning the heavy turrets on the Thunderhawk Gunships. At the end of the Drukhari raid, Almando bowed before the Storm Zealots Astartes to take him as the potential candidate in which he accepted. After building the grave to his wife and son, Almando embark inside the Thunderhawk and went to the Fortress Monastery of Golean Heights.

Almando survive the brutal training thanks to his wits, brutal fighting style, and his stubborness to survive and avenger his fallen family. Among the potential candidates, Almando is proved the most reckless, stubborn and bloodthirsty neophytes, killing 4 other candidates with his bare hands when they throw an insult on his gang tattoo. The Chaplain of the 9th Company saw this as a potential worthy warrior for the chapter's glory. Further training prove Almando's mastery of melee weaponry over ranged weapons and as Almando were assigned to the Scout Company and later on the 3rd Company led by Captain Jeremiah Chaim, Almando is well known for his ferocity in close combat, favoring chainswords, power axes, and plasma pistol as his weapon of choice. Almando is also known as the masters of booby traps, using his wits in crafting traps and mines from grenades or even utilizing environment trap to destroy the enemy. Although he is known for his brutish stern behaviour, Almando possess a great ability to reason and read the enemy's behaviour. Skirmish at Damargan Secundus is the best prove of his cunning wits as Brother Aaron Almando lure the Shas'Ui Bodyguard away from the Ethereal Aun'Vayer and as the Shas'Ui units were trapped and surrounded by the Assault Marines, they were slaughtered to a man.

When Captain Michael Zachariah promoted as the Captain of the 2nd Company, he saw the potential of Aaron Almando's brutality and stern personality as a hurricane waited to be unleashed upon the Imperium's foes. The Captain promoted Aaron Almando as a sergeant to lead his 1st Assault Marine Squad against the Tau Incursion led by Tau Commander Shas'O Kalsa. The 1st Assault Marine prove to be a ferocious squad and through Sergeant Almando's tactical ferocity and the guidance of Captain Zachariah and Chaplain Roth, the Storm Zealots able to inflict a heavy massacre on the Fire Warriors and the Stealth Team. As the Crisis Suit team arrived at the scene, they only found that the Storm Zealots had slaughtered the Tau and within an eye blink, Sergeant Almando led the assault marines to attack the crisis suit. It was on Jeras Incursion did Sergeant Almando slain Shas'Vre Kel'Oi, using his Eviscerator to pierce a hole inside the Shas'Vre's Riptide Battlesuit, killing the poor grayskin and disabling the Riptide Battlesuit.

Sergeant Almando's deeds of cunning wits and brutality went far as equal as the Khronate Berzerkers. During the infamous Skabbian Heresy where the Storm Zealots, Space Naga, and Thousand Blades are tested for their loyalty by fighting their traitorous brethern, Sergeant Aaron Almando manage to duel against the twin Khorne Berzerker Worclas and Pjotr Wazinsky of the traitor Thousand Blades. In this handicap duel, the Space Marine Sergeant though wounded on his gut,emerge victorious as his traitorous brethern and former ally retreated, spirited away by the power of the Chaos Gods.

Primaris Space Marine Ascencion

During the Vigilus Campaign, the 2nd Company are tasked to defend Forgeworld Tetracis against the Iron Warriors incursion led by Warpsmith Trendanco. Captain Zachariah and his officer upon hearing the news of Captain Arden Rosenberg's had cross the Rubicon Primaris decide to perform the ascencion ritual as well, leaving Liutenant Solomon Hagatar to assume command of the 2nd Company. Once the forgeworld is liberated and with Captain Zachariah's succesfull Rubicon Primaris ascencion, he decreed that the continuous salvation of Storm Zealots is to embrace the ascencion as Primaris Astartes. With all of his officers and Sergeant Almando agreed to the captain's decision, the entire 2nd Company cross the Rubicon Primaris and with 67% survivability rate, Sergeant Almando and the others emerged as a Primaris Astartes. It was told that Aaron Almando heart beat as normal and breath normaly without any sign of 'temporary inactive' during the course of operation.


"Your gun line means nothing to me and my brethern, alien trash!"
—Sergeant Aaron Almando as he flank charge the Tau Fire Warrior Gunline, Vor'dos War

Stern, loyal, and cunning is what describe Aaron Almando, his early years of harsh free life as a ganger thought him the way of survival in the hostile environment outnumbered and sometimes even outgunned. This result in his quick thinking and cunningness in using his environment as a weapon. Aaron Almando took a vow of never smile and show an expression of happiness to serve the Emperor and the Chapter as well as his sign of eternal grief for his beloved family were slaughtered by the Drukhari, thus he possess a trait of what most Sons of Dorn possess: stern behaviour. Deeply loyal to his company and the Storm Zealots, Aaron Almando had conquer and succesfully refuse the dark whisper of Chaos, viewing them as pathetic weakling gods that must be worshipped at all times or their powers will wane.

Bloodthirsty and possess a brute nature, Almando prefer to charge the enemy head on with only his wits and the command of Captain Zachariah and his Liutenants as the thing that could hold him from his reckless attitude. Mixed with the chapter's ultra xenophobic nature against the Tau Empire spark greater fire in the mind and heart of Almando as he never leave survivors even slay those who surrender. In some occassions, Captain Zachariah, Sergeant Almando and Liutenant Solomon Hagatar could be seen torturing and even flaying a Tau Shas'ui alive and use their skins as a cloak and necklace on the surviving half-blinded Water Caste diplomat, sending him back to the Tau Empire delivering a clear message not to enter the Imperium space ever again. The flaw of his brutality is shown during his early days as an aspirant to the Storm Zealot where he kill 4 other candidates without remorse. Lexicanium Levinsky and Sergeant Al Masseh even reported that on one occassion, Almando duels a survived unarmed Blight Butchers Khorne Berzerker armed with only his fist and his helmet he used as a weapon.


Aaron Almando possess a light olive skin, a black mohawk ganger hairstyle and blue eyes. He stand 1.7 meter tall before he become an Astartes. He stood 8.6 meter after becoming an Astartes. Aaron Almando wore Mk VII Aquilla Armor and often seen carrying Jump Packs and wielding Eviscerator. He is one of the very few Astartes that broke the Storm Zealots 'helmets on' protocol, always appeared without his helmet and yet still he survived. Like most Astartes that carved with scars and wounds from many wars and crusades, Almando possess a scar along his abdoment and a stabbing wound in the back and at the heart. He got plasma wounds across his left hand. Following his ascencion as a Primaris Space Marine, Almando wore Mark X Phobos Armor armed with Heavy Bolt Pistol and an artificer Chainsword.

Combat Skill

Sergeant Aaron Almando is known for his deadly and brutal melee and hand to hand combatant. A contrary to the Chapter's combat doctrine of long range warfare. Almando is masters of operating Eviscerator, he able to swing, slash and parry with ease, even field stripping, jury-riging and maintain the Eviscerator in good condition.

Aaron Almando might not be skilled in Heavy weapons or ranged weapon but on several occassion, he could fire Lascannon and Multi Melta with precise accuracy as well as firing Boltguns flamer, and meltagun. During the Sol'tak War, Almando wielding chainswords and meltagun to destroy TX4 Piranha.


  • Eviscerator -
  • Bolt Pistol -
  • Master Crafted Chainsword -
  • Frag Grenade -
  • Krak Grenade -
  • Mark VIII Aquilla Armor -
  • Mark X Phobos Armor -
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