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• 2/8/2019
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• 12/3/2018

Am I a heretic?

Just wandering people's thoughts on my planets. Too long? Too boring? I like thinking about the boring side of stuff.

Like, I do realize that I'm with only, like, one other page on the Planets category that actually says "Yeah, we pay taxes"

And that I'm the only one who said "You know what? I'm gonna make a farm planet!"

(And that I'm actually planning another)

But yeah, does anyone have any ideas they'd like to share? Things to change?

Said farm planet

Unsaid fortress planet

Oh, and does anyone need an artist? Because I know a guy.

...Me, I'm talking about me. Just hit me up if you do, and I'll see what I can do.

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• 10/23/2018

What do you think change it or not

I’m currently deciding whether to change the name of my chapter or not

What do you think
  • Keep Terra’s Cockroaches ?
  • Change it to something else ?
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• 7/27/2018

Knights redemptor, successor chapter of the Imperial fists


The events portrayed in these records show the journey of the knights redemptor, a noble chapter who followed the imperial truth despite criticism and hatred shown by other chapters under the false belief of the god emperor. These marines were true sons of Dorn, and they were unwavering in their duty to not only the imperium, but the ideals and standards that Dorn himself set. In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war, and the emperor’s finest shall prevail.

Chapter name – the knights redemptor
Founding – 3rd founding
Parent chapter – Imperial Fists
Primarch – Rogal Dorn
Homeworld – Morthonia (destroyed)
Flagship and fortress monastery – Dorn's Wrath

The flagship of the knights redemptor had just entered realspace, escorted by the many ships the chapter had in its possession, the fleet, as it passed, was a show of the splendor of the emperor and his many servants. Dorn’s wrath, being the flagship of the chapter, contained the chapter master, Commander Vandus Kaeros and his trusted advisors, the first captain Mortanis and the chief librarian, magister Acrastus Vorland. The chapter master was residing on his throne, a sign of the great authority he held, as he held council with his captains; congratulating them on their most recent victory over a civilian uprising in their home system, segmentum obscuris.

The Knights redemptor were not estranged to chaotic uprisings, as one of their least proud moments was the mass genocide of an agri world suspected of heresy and the worship of chaos, these orders were given by none other than Roboute Guilliman himself, whom the chapter had come to depsise. As the council was dismissed, a navigator came onto the bridge, presenting the chapter master with reports of an Ork waaagh approaching their homeworld. Vandus Kaeros was confident that the chapter would have time to resupply and reach Morthonia before the Orks would make planet fall.
This was to be the undoing of him, within his unwavering loyalty stood a man who was blinded by pride, and in the spirit of keeping the chapter's accomplishment a celebration, he ignored the chance to plan ahead.
When the fleet finally arrived at their homeworld of Morthonia, they discovered that they were too late, a space hulk hung above the planet, casting it’s ghastly shadow upon the unsuspecting populace below, in full sight of the flagship, as if it was a sign of pure disrespect and mockery, the warboss ordered his waaagh to make planet fall
Thousands upon thousands of orks spewed from the mangled remains of crashed ships, forming a green tide that could be seen for miles around. In response, Commander Vandus Kaeros ordered every ship that was capable to deploy it’s thunder hawk gunships and drop pods, the first company was to follow Commander Kaeros and Captain Mortanis as part of a spearhead assault, hoping to break the ork lines and cutting the ugly snake at the head, the warboss named headcrusher.

The sky was ablaze with Krak and flak fire, thunder hawk gunships carried the first company into the fray as well as Commander Kaeros and his trusted first captain, the smell of smoke filled the air and the earth was awash in the blood of thousands of innocent citizens, the knights would not stand for this, and they were to make it clear with the brave actions that became known as “the gauntlet of Dorn.”

Within minutes, the first company had cut through what they though to be over a quarter of the green tide, but they could not be further from the truth. Kaeros and Mortanis had come face to face with the warboss, he stood taller than all the Orks under his command, he bore a power claw and a large weapon that could only be described as a heap of scrap clumsily put together. Commander Kaeros, dressed in his cataprachtii armour, stood face to face with the warboss, his great blade held high and his plasma pistol poised to end the lives of any who stood before him.
Kaeros was the first to attack, the warboss staggered back as the chapter master's relic blade slammed into his chest piece, at initial glance, it was clear who the victor would be, Kaeros was ready to deliver a killing blow to the foul Ork, however, this was not about to come to fruition.

This chapter is a very early WIP, alterations will be made and the story will be expanded
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